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      [color=#008000]My ex (baby’s father) broke up with me on Valentine’s Day. He hasn’t been to see me since I told him I wouldn’t marry him until he got help for his anger, drug and alcohol issues. Well, he keeps threatening to take her away…or even "make" me abort her. I am terrifed of him finding me and the baby.

      What can I do? My family can only help so much…I’m scared if he finds me, I may not live to be my baby’s mother, let alone give birth to her.

      I can’t exactly put a restraining order on him…says police…because he was my fiance… WTF? lol.

      Please help me find options….pray for mine and my baby’s we’ll being.


        i pray for you he sounds like a jerk n i dont thin k you should marry him let him be ingaged to him cause help doesnt help everyone i have a friend whos man had the same issues n he got help 3 times n hes still beating on her n now the police wont help her cause they have helped her all 3 times. they the f.in police cant tell you they wont help you go to the judge n above cause there is no reason you should be scared for yours n your babys life hon.he cant make you have an abortion thats your choice not his go above the law if you need to just dont go out by your self if your in fear of this ahole.good luck. theres someone out there who will help you.


          you should really talk to the police again. ask for someone diferent than u talked to before. thats bs. i have heard of people getting them against their own husbands!!! If ur in danget they shouldnt deny you of it. but it wont stop him from coming. what you should do is tape the threats or save the emails and show it to the police and see what morethey can do for you. good luck to you and your little precious baby.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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