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      Hey ,
      My name is Leschael and I’m about to be 16 soon. I’m a sophmore and my boyfriends a junior. Were both the star athletes of our school and we have alot of oppurtunities. When i was in 6th grade unfortunately, i was raped and i got pregnant but ended up having a miscarriage. He also got a girl pregnant and she ended up having a miscarriage. 2 years later he moved next door to me and we’ve been talking every since. We just started dating 5 months ago. And he’s been talking about having a baby with me, but we both know that it could hurt our chances of going D1 in college. He already set a date in January that he was going to try and get me pregnant . WHAT SHOULD I DO?


        Don’t do it you got plenty of time to have a baby after your career is set you should enjoy these times while you can. Because once you have a baby you gotta think about whos going to watch the baby while you go out if you wanna party or daycare while you work or in school, also diapers clothing and ect take it from me its hard


          Hey girl,
          Have you guys both sat down and seriously thought about all of the time and resposibility having a baby would take? Can you be 100% sure this boy is going to stay around and help you raise the baby? I personally don’t think it would be the best thing to do… Having a baby changes EVERYTHING. You need to be careful not to let him pressure you into making that decision. He doesn’t have any right to you or your body or to be the father of your baby unless you give him those rights. He’s not going to be the one who has to become a full time parent. He’s not the one who’s really going to have to give up free time and the fun things that you’re supposed to be doing at this age to take care of a child. You’re the one this decision is really going to effect. So don’t let him try to pressure you. Do what’s right for you.
          My advice: Enjoy your last two years of high school, and wait on having a baby. If this boy won’t understand and wait for you, then that’s a warning sign. Babies are blessings, but you’re going to spend a good portion of the rest of your life being a mommy. Take advantage of the next few years to just be you.
          I wish you the best, and hope everything works out 🙂



            well first of all my opinon is dont do.
            your asking us whether or not you should have a baby with your boyfriend. which shows me your not ready and dont really want a baby at this time.

            you sound like you have a sensible head on your shoulders, you want to go to college and everything. how do you know he is gonna stick around once the baby is here.
            do not let him pressure you into anything! and to be honest if you tell him you dont want a baby and he dooesnt stick around then that shows everything really.

            if he really wants to be with you and loves you he will respect your decision.

            remember a baby is a big responabilty! i know people say its for the next 18 year but really its from the moment you concieve till the day you die. a baby will not always be a baby but they will always be your child!

            seriously sit down and think about what you want! listen to yourself and no one else. us girls are always here for you.
            good luck 🙂

            b x


              Hey Girliee.

              Honestly, if you had a baby right now you would be neglecting you and your baby. Trust me, if i could go back and finsh school and further my edecation before having my baby i would. Its so hard to get a good job with out a collage degree. Babys are not cheap.


                dont do it
                most guys even if they say their ready they never take the whole baby thing seriously
                having a baby is one of the most overwelming experiences ever
                you never have time for yourself anymore because you gotta put somone else before you
                you will never understand untill your dealing with it
                i looooooove my son so much but i really wish i had waited
                i never have time for my friends anymore and i wake up ever 1-2hours at night
                and please believe its not going to make the relationship between you and your boyfriend stronger
                why do you think most girls arent with the baby’s dad still?
                so if i were you i wouldnt do it
                your young have fun while you can
                & dont make decisions your going to regret later


                  Are you saying the same man that raped you is now living next door to you? Or have I misread?


                    Thanks everyone for the great advice!
                    Well, yesterday we ended up having sexual intercourse and at the last second he said lets have one. so i didnt have any say so, so i ended up having to tell my mom that i was sexually active and i need the “morning-after pill”. And now she barely trusts me . But, I mean theres really nothing I can do but, hope for the best.


                      Oh nooo . My boyfriend now use to live next door to me.

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