He is into the airforce.

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      My boyfriend is joining the airforce. I am so scared, I don’t want him to. We have two kids together and if something happened to him, then my kids would be fatherless. Anyone else have this problem?


        My husband is in the army, alot of friends in various branches. From my experience and talks me and others have had, Air force basic isnt incredibly hard. THe deployments depending on units and jobs they dont go out of the wire (base) too much. Its not a bad living, though it can get lonely. My husband is infantry so hes always deploying or training. He works 12 to 14 hour days if not deployed. But the medical insurance is awesome. you really only pay doctors if theyre refered (foot doctor, bone scans, etc) And Emergency rooms. The bases are good, specially if you get on post housing. Thats if youre married though. If he stays boyfriend your kids will only get medical, hell live in the barracks as a single soldier. Also just to forewarn and most girlfriends/spouses dont realize it. We are in a time of war and its inevetible that he will get deployed eventually! After his job training he will more than likely be shipped off to iraq or afghanistan after he gets to his base. No amount of yelling at his officers or pleading him to stay will help. Once his orders are to go to Iraq (for example) its set. I know it sounds negative but i like to tell what youre gonna expect. Ive survived 1 deployment and most of his 3 years in alone staying with family. The minute they get home from deployment or basic its the best feeling ever! Its making me want to cry now. Military kids adapt fairly easy as long as they know that daddy or mommy are gone but coming back. The first few weeks to months are hard but all will adapt eventually. If you want any more info just email me.

        Be proud of what he will do though. Guys that are enlisted and their woman doesnt support him in any fashion dont fare well. I had to learn that when he was deployed and i was still in denial. Wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. He couldnt concentrate at all, and worried more than he should have over there. Just let him know you have his back no matter what and hell do good. His kids and you are his motivation to stay alive deployed and the reason they pass basic and job training!

        I didnt want him to join either but the most you can do is talk to him explain your reasons, see if you can meet halfway. Sometimes the military is the best option with a family though it doesnt look it. Dont think of what happens if he did die. Think of the day if he does join you see him wear his beret on family day and you can hug him. The day his leave from deployment comes up and you cant sleep the night before because youre so excited. The military is full of drama wether youre a soldier or wife, just think of the positive.



          My husband is in the Marines and every time he gets deployed i cry because we are both so young but we have ten children to take care of and i could not bare to watch them grow up fatherless. i know just how you feel but dont worry sweetheart God is watching over him.


            My fiance is going into the Coast gaurd next year. I’m afriad as well. I know he will be alright but its going to be hard without him.

            Althoough girl you gotta keep your head up and look at the positives. You and your children will be covered with medical and taken care of. You have alot of perks being a military wife.

            I wish you the best :]

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