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      I know that bloating can be the first signs of pregnancy..but how long does the bloating last? I was bloated to the fullest starting about two days after the 26th. Today I woke up and its not severe as it was. My highest fertility peak was the 26th of february and if I concieved it would have been anytime after that date. I am off and on feeling nasuated and my stomach hurts off and on. Even my favorite body spray is making me feel sick. And also, pains on either side of your pelvic could be a sign also? I have these pains that’s off and on, doesn’t hurt really bad, but it feels between a tingle and a lil spurt of a mensual cramp. Its mostly of the left side. If anyone can tell me about these and symptoms or what I can expect the most during early pregnancy. My period is due the 12th of this month. How early can I find out if I am pregnant? Its a lil tingle in my breast, but nothing out of this world.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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