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      Sorry everyone, you might have read this before, but when it was finally posted, loads of other blog were too, so i guess people might not’ve read it, and i REALLY need to know if i’ve forgotten anything. Thankyou guys, so much!♥

      -Moses Basket/ Cot
      -Nappies ( Diapers )
      -Changing bag ( it comes with a changing mat )
      -Clothes ( baby grows, vests, body suits, hates, booties etc )
      -Bottle sterilizer ( comes with bottles, bottle warmer, teets etc )
      -Baby monitors
      -Dummies ( pacifiers )
      -Carrier/ Car seats
      -Bath/Wash stuff ( baby lotion, baby wash, shampoo etc )
      -Snow suits/ Pram suits
      -Growbags/ Sleeping bags
      -Bath equipment ( bath, sponge, towels, etc )
      -Towels ( flannels, extra towels, bath robes )
      -Care set ( thermometer, brushes, combs, nail scissors )
      -Powder dispenser ( to store the right amount of formula when you’re out and about )
      -Muslin squares
      -Scratch mits
      -Toys ( cot toys, bath toys etc)

      Anything else ? :S x

      NAMES UPDATE 😀 : We’ve chosen:
      AnnaSophia and Jayda- Lynn if it’s 2 girls,
      Dante Leon and Skylar- Jae if it’s a boy and girl,
      Callan Nathaniel and Shawn Mayson if it’s 2 boys 😀 Xx


        hey ther! firstly congrats on d pregnancy with twins, dat mus b so awesum! i think u have everything u need, um but im noy sure where u frm, but im from South Africa n although i breastfed my kids, i know that people who formula feed here often need those, oh wat the heck do dey call it…. its a insulated bottle warmer, it keeps the mixed formula or the water for ur formula warm when its already in the bottle, and ppl here also carry a flask to keep purified water in when they are out and about….. sorry if this is useless info to u but jus thought it might help…take care and congrats once again, ur gonna be an amazing mum t those lucky twins!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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