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      H3LL0 LADi3S!

      iM a 21 year old female, and I live in Louisiana. I am th3 type of person where my periods usually come regularly and if not on that exact day, then a day later. Well my period was supposed to come on the December 12th, and today is the 18th:ohmy: . I am in a relationship that has practically been on and off for the past 7 years. Well, the last year he made the mistake and cheated and got another girl pregnant & trust me I was devistated 🙁 , I’ve tried to make it work this past year and its not really working out so we decided to just break it off and not continue the relationship because I cant handle the fact that there is a baby he is now taking care of and his family loves dearly and everytime i look at him thats all i can think about and i just cant take it. Well, I’ve been getting things back together with myself and all of a sudden no period. I’m very nervous because I know that my parents expect me to be different from me siblings and not have children til after im married but i know that this would all be my responsibility tosee what happens. I have a preg test but I havent taken it because I’m hoping that this is just a false alarm. I havent gotten any spotting or anything, its just nothing at all. I dont know what are the erly signs but the only things i have been experienceing is jus being nauseous, tired(not sleepy), and frequent urination. I’m just not sure if I sould continue to wait or just test. But I am nervous but I feel I am a very responsible person. But since i’m in the process of getting my life together and getting out of my parents home since i’ve moved back to this city i think that I go out partying too much and that im concidering ?abortion?
      any advice?


        Why don’t you take the pregnancy test soon? knowing is better than not knowing. You could be pregnant, but you can’t make any decisions until you know for sure.
        If you are pregnant, I want you to know that abortion simply isn’t worth it. All it does is destroy and kill, and it will destroy you slowly over time. Before you decide to have an abortion, why don’t you go over the “After the Choice” forum and take a look at what some of the girls are going through as a result of their abortions?
        Let us know when you take the test, ok? good luck!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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