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      Hey ladies, I was just strolling through some of the older posts reflecting on all the things that have happened to us all and how we have all been there for each other when life throws us curve balls, I was wondering if any of you would be willing to share about how Standupgirl has helped you! Did you decide to parent your child rather than abort? Did you choose abstinence? Did you find the strength to leave an abusive relationship? Were you able to face your parents with “the news”? Did you share the site with a friend who decided to keep their baby as a result? How has Standupgirl helped you in your decision making, please share!! Love Meg


        I think SUG helped me decide to keep my baby. Reading through stories on here made me see that i could go through with it and im now 16 weeks pregnant and very excited i battled with my feelings about having an abortion as im only 18 and felt to young. Im so glad i found this site, i hope it continues to help people and would be great to hear how SUG helped others.

        Nic x


          Ok..well let me start in the begining..I live in a country which what’s to be great,but themes like abortion are something its not talked about,but is happening every day.
          Well back in 06..I felt weird..I was pregnant,went to the doc,he didn’t even talked about any option just got me the paper and said where to go for the abortion. My BF said its the right thing to do..

          Some time after,when I felt that all I wanted to do is die,I foung SUG..I foung that I’m not the only one that has gone through that,that I’m allowed to talk about it,that I’m allowed to feel sad and grieve over my unborn aborted baby..
          And with sharing my story,a few girls I know have made the right decision of keeping the baby..

          SUG helped me to open my heart and talk about what I’ve gone through.. And slowly heal.

          I had moments when all I wished was get pregnant and have a baby.. But the girls here helped me ralize that that’s not the way,having a baby at that age would be immature and that a new baby wouldn’t replace the aborted one..

          But the wish was still there..

          But I knew it shouldn’t be thatway,not yet..

          But at one point when I felt really low,I was by a good friend of me,and we had fun,drank abit to much..and I got pregnant. I knew it for the very begining that I am going to keep my baby and try to give him the best life ever..it wasn’t just A baby,I was pregnant with twins,as I found out later,identical twin girls.
          Sadly I gave birth to them at 21 weeks gestation and they didn’t make it..

          And even through that the girls here on SUG helped me,and still are helping me a lot..

          Standupgirl in one way didn’t really help me make my decision cause the decision was allready made but it helped me start to talk about what I’m going through,and it made me help a few girls to realize that the abortion isn’t the easy way out..


            I found out i waswe saved my babies life. hope my story will help someone, someday.



              Well I have always been against abortion but my boyfriend and I said last year if I were ever to get pregnant I would get one of course I didn’t think I would get pregnant. I could have easily given in to him when he yelled at me and told me the baby wasn’t his and that he didn’t want either of us. Reading all these girls stories helped me see that I can keep my baby with or without him and also how abortion really effects the mother most of the time after wards. All the girls have given me great advice and great support and I am so glad I found this site. It is really a great site for girls who have been in the same situation and for young scared girls as well who do not know what to do and are struggling with the decision or even girls who have already made the an decision and still very much hurt by it. Thank you so much for all the advice also I am keeping my baby no matter what I am 9 weeks on Thursday and I am happy. I mean there is no point in being sad is there? I am about to do one of the most amazing things anyone could ever do and that is to give life and to be a mother. Sure I am not older and I wish I was a bit older but I can give my baby the best life and the most unconditional love as any middle aged mother. Many teen moms do, I do not think there is one bad teen mom on this site. Anyways, thank you everyone at stand up girl :side: Thanks for helping me with my decision!


                You ladies are all so amazing and I thank you for sharing your stories, I hope more and more ladies will come along and share as well…you are all so inspirational even though all of you have such different stories!! Love Meg


                  I think its a great topic Meg,and I hope more and more will come and share their story.
                  So that girls who are just finding out that they are pregnant,and searching informations and asking what to do can read here how it is if you decide something,how it reflects to your life forever.

                  Stand up girls,and tell your story.


                    Although i had already had my abortion before i found this site, i believe Stand Up Girl is a brilliant website!!
                    and im so glad i have found my way to this site and the help the girls have given me.

                    You have all helped me in very different ways and i am so grateful!!

                    i know if i had found my way here when i found out i was pregnant then you would of all given me the support to stand up to my mum, but sadly i didnt.

                    so many girls hae been helped here, and so many lives are being saved because of the support given! and i think its even better when the girls share there stories, they have such an impact on others and are wonderful mothers



                      Although while being on stand up girl I have not been a pregnant teen or pregnant at all for that matter this site has helped me in other ways, it has help me deal with underlining concerns with the abortion I had when I was 16. I only wish I knew about this site when I really needed it. Today I am here to try to help others or just be there as someone who will listen. I have been on both sides of the fence abortion and had a baby in my teens so I can relate. This site truly is a blessing. As someone that is not for or against abortion I think it is wonderful that this site gives women a way to talk to other women going through or have gone though the same things. Jessica


                        Although I had chosen to have my son before I really got into this site, I believe it is a miracle in disguise. The girls on here have calmed me down and been there to give advice and be a cyber shoulder to cry on. I don’t get to get on much anymore, but these girls are my most trusted posse, and a huge family!

                        sophia roses mummy

                          yes.. it has helped me stand up to my mum and dad on keeping my baby who im pregnant with by 17 weeks 14th june 2009 and its helped me with forgiving myslef for abourting my daughter in 2008 :'( which im still really heartbroken about, but i think its a brill web!

                          thankyouu guys!


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