has anyone?

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      has anyone on here been raped by ur boyfriend and then he thinks he has done nothin wrong?
      well that happened to me and im still with him because im afraid of what he will do if i break up with him do guys have any advice on how to break up with him?


        hey swty… agh i hate man who think women are their property its jus plain disgustin… umm i dunno how u gonna break up wit him but maybe u should get a restraining order against him… are u preg?


          that must have been and still be hard.
          If you are afraid of him talk to someone you trust (an adult), like your Mom or something, and ask them to help you to be safe from him. Let us know how it goes!


            yeah im 19weeks and a day


              Firstly, let me say how sorry I am that this happened to you. It’s so sick to see how so many men think that women are their property and that they’re below them.

              Secondly, if you’re concerned for your safety, you can check with the police if you are able to file a temporary restraining order for now. If he makes threats in the future, make it permanent. If you don’t think that he’ll harm you, then just be straight up with him and tell him that you don’t want to be used and that you deserve better… because you do!


                Okay… I didn’t read that you were pregnant. If you’re concerned for your safety or the child’s safety, then OF COURSE you have all rights to file a permanent restraining order! Call a local law school for free law advice, or call the police and inform them of the situation- you don’t have to give out personal information, they’ll tell you what you should do.


                  Step number one. Take a deep breath and realise you need to get out of there before anything worse happens.

                  Step number two. Call up a sexual assault hotline (I don’t know where you live so I can’t give you one) or a psychologist’s office and organise to see a counsellor.

                  Step number three. Either tell them over the phone what is going on, or organise a day or at least a few hours to see that counsellor and tell them what happened.

                  You really need to get out of that situation and begin to heal. PLEASE GET OUT NOW.


                    i tried to leave twice, i called him told him it was over he sees me in the hallway comes to me and says whats this yew wonna break up i said yes he says no ur not leavin me ur carryin my baby yew need me and i said no i dont need yew for once in my life im over yew and i wonna leave and then after school thats when it gets bad.


                      You really need to get help and protection from someone. Please take alexanders_mama’s advice.


                        Tell your mom or another adult. Some one really should be involved… That’s scary.


                          im gonna tell my mom 2night and thismornin i found out the baby is a gurl.


                            yeah i told my mom what happened with my boyfriend and it went better then what i thought it was gonna go.
                            well we got a restranin order agianst him i broke up with him and he didnt take it very well but its over.
                            im gettin my life back to the way it was.
                            but id just like to say thanks to every one.
                            thanks guys.!


                              Congratulations on your little girl! 🙂

                              I wish you the best of luck. <3


                                i know just how you feel. right now your probaly so confused and hurt but you think your doing the right thing staying with him. but its not what he wants its what you and your baby need. please get away from him some how some way tell someone so they can help. i didnt tell anyone for 7 months i was raped by a guy and then it came out when i was raped again in school. to the guy who hurt me 7 months ago nothing happened he is still living around me and still is a treat dont let that happen to you. the hardest thing to do is tell someone but you really need to. just talk to maybe a friend that you know will do the right thing and tell an adult. you might wanna call yout local rape counsel program. It really helps to talk to people who know what your going through. good luck!!


                                  Good, I’m so glad that worked out for you! Thanks for telling us!


                                    im scared cuz he said that hes gonna get me back for this and like idk what to do idk what hes gonna do.
                                    what do i do?


                                      How about a restraining order and a transition house. DO NOT mess around with creeps like this not only are you hurting yourself you are putting your child in harm’s way. Don’t worry about a nice way to break up with him just get out NOW!


                                        i already have one agianst him it just dont seem to mean anything to him.
                                        and like if my brother was here he wouldnt be doin any or this to me but he knows my brother isnt here.
                                        im just like so confused right now idk what to do.


                                          He can’t do anything to you if you have a restraining order placed against him. Just tell the officials/police that you are being threatened by him.


                                            hes gonna get aressted then right?!


                                              I don’t know what they would do about it, but definitely tell the police that you are being threatened by him.
                                              You said earlier that he wouldn’t be doing this if your brother was around… where is your brother?
                                              Is your father in the picture or are him and your Mom not together?
                                              Keep us updated, ok?


                                                my brothers in juvie or how ever yew spell my parents are divorced theyve been since i was like 2 or 3 and my mom dont know that hes been threatening me were not as close as weve used to be since she got remarried.


                                                  I see. That is a hard situation. I understand how you are not as close to your Mom since she got remarried, but you really need to find an adult that you can trust and that will help you and keep them updated on the situation. How are you doing?


                                                    and my brother gets to come home on the 26th.
                                                    and i will keep yew updated.
                                                    ive been doin good not the best though.
                                                    like this may seem kinda eird but i cant wait till i have the baby and get my back in order.


                                                      i mean like im startin to feel bad about givin the baby up. like every bodys like yew should keep the baby it would be soo cool and fun if yew keep him and all that like idk?
                                                      its confusing for me.
                                                      and like as much as i talk to people about it i still feel like no one understands do yew know what i mean?

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