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      I have been experiancing a lot of different symptoms lately. Like frequent urination, sluggish and tired feeling, mood swings, breast soreness, cramping, heart burn, and nasuea. But, today I have had a different odor coming from my vaginal area, then I have ever had. I was wondering if anyone had an odor or experianced a wetness in their vaginal area during pregnancy? I am awaiting my test results to come back, since I had a blood pregnancy test. I am just trying to get my questions answered while I am waiting. Thanks Guys. :side: :cheer:


        ok well im 7 months and i think i pretty much had all the symptoms. it is normal to have a wet feeling as your pregnancy progresses so will that wetness. as for the odor that should not be there. its probly a minor yeast infection which is very common during pregnancy because your hormones are so different that soaps or body wash can send off a bacteria that causes the infection nothing too serious jusst let your doc know and they’ll have it cleared up in a week.


          To me it sounds like the cervical fluids. They can show up alot at the ealy stages of pregnancy. It is your body closeing up the cervix area to protect the womb from any infections.


            Yes, that all seems normal exept the odor. I have also had a severe yeast infection that smells different than normal, kind of "sweet" smelling. Sounds like a yeast infection on top of pregnancy. I am 30, I have been there sweetie, go to the doctor or a county hospital. If you go to a county hospital, they cannot charge you then, they will try, but just tell them that you do not have the money. I have done it, actually for my severe yeast infection. I know what I am talking about. Lots of love and luck.



              Is it possible to be pregnant and have a yeast infection? Can a yeast infection make your period late?


                yes it is most likely that while pregnant you have more yeast infections than when your not it’s normal though. but i dont know about the whole period thing ask a doctor.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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