Has anyone gotten pregnant using VCF?

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    jjs mom

      I have been using the VCF(Vaginal contriceptive film) for 2 months now but for the last week, i have been so tired, my breast are so so so sore, my backaches, my teeth hurt..i’am familer with pregnancy symptoms as i have been pregnant before 4times 1 birth, 3 abortions but I USED BIRTH CONTROL THIS TIME!!!! could i be pregnant? is it possible? i just want to know if anyone else has gotten pregnant while using VCF?


        The conclusion that i’ve come up with is if ur meant to have a child or multiple children no amount of birth control it gonna stop you. theres a plan for everybody..a friend of mine had an IUD and got pregnant with twins..she lost them at 8wks but it is possible to get pregnant on any kind of birth control.I’m pregnant w my third child and we used every kinda of birth control and still got pregnant. so if its meant to be it will be i promise you..anything is possible. Keep us updated.


          I agree with Mommyof2babies , no mount of birth control can ultimately prevent pregnancy…it can decrease the chances but it can also cause problems in pregnancy if conception occurs (like the woman with twins who had the IUD) and it can cause hormone imbalances…Abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed birth control method…I have never met someone who has gotten pregnant while remaining abstinent….even in marriage an unexpected pregnancy can happen while on birth control but at least then you have a man by your side who has committed to being there until death and you have your support and safety in the home….I had been sexually active for 10 years…had two kids from two dads…and had alot of negative thoughts and feelings about my self esteem by the time I chose abstinence…I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 years until my wedding night and it was the best thing I could have done for me and the kids….I hope you take this the right way..but..if you don’t want to be pregnant then take a time out from having sex, as you have stated you have had experience with abortion, most girls I have talked with have had a very negative experience…including my own sister…I hate to see the heartache in her eyes when she looks at my daughter…she was a month behind me in pregnancy and we should have kids the same age…I chose life and she didn’t…I don’t want to see you end up on that road again or be filled with more heart ache…enjoy your son and enjoy life itself…but please..take a time out and don’t rely on birth control to keep you safe…after all birth control does not protect you from AIDS or any other STD…and it wont always prevent pregnancy but Abstinence will 100%…I am here if you ever want to talk or if you would like to swap stories…I hope my answer helps you make one of the best decisions of your life..Love Meg

          jjs mom

            Thanks for your response, i’am married the, 29th of this month will make 4yrs. everyone of my pregnancies have been with my husband, if i do end up pregnant this time i plan to keep the child although i dont feel i’am ready to have another child, i’am not ready to have ANOTHER abortion. I did some research on VCF and out of every 100 that have used it 15-20 have fallen pregnant and it has no hormones (it is a specide), i’ll bet anything i have been one of those 15-20 lol, well my son would appreciate a sibling and i’m wouldnt be upset, the child would not be unwanted so, i guess its not so bad..Thanks again

            jjs mom

              i dont know if anyone has read my post from my last pregnancy but…I HAVE horriable heartburn AGAIN and i dont even know if i’am pregnant, i have another week till my period is due but heartburn is kicking my ass agin..should i take this as a sign?? ahh lol


                Congrats on your marriage and your son is adorable.It sounds like you are in a good and stable relationship I just beg you to please make sure that a baby is what you want before you take the risk of possibly conceiving again.

                jjs mom

                  Just thought i’d let you sll know, i’am NOT pregnant!! the VCF actually does work..it wouldn’t have been a bad thing but i’am pretty glad i’am not..take care ladies

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