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      Im going through something and i want to know if anyone else has been through the same thing.

      I had an abortion last year and ever since that day i cant stop thinking about it. It really has got me down. I cant do anything, no energy, i feel so worthless, all i wanna do is sleep and eat.

      I cant talk to my partner coz he does not want to remember anything about that day, where else thats all i think about. Im now 6 weeks pregnant and keeping it this time and i cant keep going on like this, its not right for the baby.

      If i kept mt first baby it would have been born on 8th may 2007, do u reckon that this is why im feeling this way, coz its so close to my babys due date.


      princess Angela

        I had an abortion bout 4 months ago …. an i feel like shit…. i have my good days an really bad today and yesterday were bad hopefully tomorrow will be good cause i cant take it no more i get so upset i been eatin my feelings and so on………..but now i have a new job going to make a wonderful life for my next child ………. if u need to talk u no where i am …. i no what ur going threw…take care
        love angela


          I havent had an abortion but being due soon could be why u are feeling this way but try to keep strong for this baby because they do say that a baby in the womb can sense when a mother is stressed and isnt god so stay strong!


            last year as in around 365 days ago or last year as in the end of 2006? or maybe im just not thinking right and dont feel like doing the math i dont know. but it cold just be that youre pregnant again. my friend went through this too. but she actually had people to talk too. maybe if you see a therapist or something? you may not get over it soon but it may help to talk to someone. if not you could always talk to a friend if anyone is willing to listen. id listen to you if you wanted to talk.


              Hi, Lisa.

              Yes, the fact that what would have been your child’s due date is coming up is causing you some anxiety. What will even cause more anxiety is the date of the abortion itself. Make sure you have someone close on that day. This will go on for a long time unless you are able to deal with it and even then, there will always be pain and guilt.

              You have to find a way to talk to your partner about it. The fact that’s he’s avoiding it already indicates that he is himself suffering from it and the two of you cannot raise another baby with this issue being undealt with. Your relationship should be built on communication and not hiding in each other’s shell. Guys are, shall we say, pretenders aat strength especailly if they aren’t. IF you really plan to keep a relatinship with him, you have to learn to deal with things like this. Seek out a counselor dealing with marital issues to help you.

              One suggestion I have is for you to visit http://www.rachelsvineyard.org. They may have some ways to help you to honor your child and to forgive yourself of your past abortion. There is so much that needs to be forgiven and you have to start and once you’ve begun your healing, it would be time to help your partner with his own healing. Don’t buy the strong guy routine. It’s all an act. If he can’t face up to his guilt, he’s really weak and you need to work together to make him a father worthy of your children.

              Pray a lot, Lisa. Abortion is something that we regret and need to be forgiven.

              Please take care.



                Simply put, this is postabortion depression and you need to see someone who knows how to best counsel you. If you google abortion+depression, I’m sure you’ll find many sites with phone numbers of folks you can talk to.

                Take care.

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