has anybody had brown spotting?

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      ok probs too soon to be worried or whatever, but yesterday evening went to toilet and brown discharge (srry ppl) was there, not alot, just like the start of a period, n i thought "oh heres my period then", then i checked my phone (i keep a note of periods in the calender) n im a week n a day early, but then since that bit of brown theres been nothing, n usually in my periods it gets heavier by the next day. its now the next day afternoon so basically a whole day with no more blood or even brown.

      i got worried a couple of hrs ago when there was no more show of anything n looked on the internet at "brown discharge" etc etc n things kept popping up like ‘early pregnancy’. n now im freaked out.

      please can someone tell me if they had this and wer pregnant, or better had this and ended up not pregnant. i’m hoping my periods just bein slow or sumthing but i dont even no if thats possible. any help or knowledge will be recieved greatfully.

      thanks xxx


        Hi, I have experienced this but only while taking progesterone only birth control. It can be a due to implantation bleeding very earlty in pregnancy, but that’s would be 7-10 days before your period would be due assuming you have a 28 day cycle. If you miss a period then take a test.


          hi thanks for reply. im not on any birth control pills and there has been no more brown stuff or period at all, period is officially due tomorrow/friday so i think ill test friday if nothing has showed up.

          i dont think i’ve had any pregnancy symptoms, except i’ve been quite ill but all my family has it too. except my stomach has a tight feeling and non of my family say they have that, i think thats just from worrying tho lol. so i’ll see soon i guess, i’ll let u know the outcome thanks. xxx


            i’ve had that before, and yes it did scare the hell outta me. for my one, we were fooling around, and i started semi-spotting, and the spotting carried on for about a week. it was 10 days before i was due. and then i was late for 2 weeks. all the while testing every week. it kept coming up negative. and on the 15th day, i finally got my period. so im guessing im not at all.

            one thing you should look is your family’s diet, coz i wasn’t the only one late, my mum and my sis was as well. mum was 2 weeks, my sis was 3 weeks? or a whole month i think? she’s really young, and doesn’t have a bf, so i was using her as some kind of control.
            hope that helps and best of luck for you!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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