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      hey there.. im 7 months pregnant.. and for the last while ive had shortness of breath ..i had it pre pregnancy but its gotten much worse the last cupl of months and last night i kept waking up hardly able to breath..

      is this normal?

      it feels sorta like i cant quite manage to fill my lungs..



        I had the same issue when I was far along with my pregnancies…with my son I lived in a house that was very old…in the hundreds…it had no insulation, no foundation and it was falling apart…I had a very bad mildew problem as well…when the baby gets bigger you loose space in your body…the baby will often cause your lungs to be compressed, I was sick and had mildew in my house so I suffered really bad…I talked to my doctor and he just told me to keep him informed on how I was feeling and to get fresh air often, if I could to stay somewhere else until the baby was out…I was sick for like the last 3 months of pregnancy no matter what I took…my lungs were compressed because of the baby and it was keeping my sickness trapped in them, just make sure you talk to your doctor and keep him/her in formed on how you are feeling…I hope this helped…Love Meg


          yeah thats happening to me already at 3 months!! idk if it sounds like something else could be wrong because i dont think its normal to have these problems this early.


            Wow you sound just like me when I was pregnant with my son at 7 months! It might help to prop yourself up a bit in bed and drink lots of water! Get lots of fresh air to and make sure you take it easy, the more strain on the body the more strain on your lungs! Have lots of rest and maybe use some pillows to get yourself comfy, it may help open up your lungs to find a better position when lying down! All in all, it’ll be over soon!


              I had this too! I hated it and even asked the dr about it. They advised me to always sit up straight, not that easy, lol


                its normal to have shortness of breath since the baby is taking up ur insides and makes it harder to breath but i’d see ur doc ne ways..


                  Ya ive heard about that and i really dont want to experience that especially since im in choir and i love to sing so i dont want to quit but i know that this symptom will really make it hard for me… i hope u start feeling better!! xxx


                    Just to reiterate everybody else lol, yes shortness of breath is normal for that far along.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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