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      I’ve been on birth control since i was 13 because i have dyshemia (sp) which is when your egg releases into your stomach when you are on your cycle and it is very painful, to the point where you cant function. Well, recently i was put on a pill that i was allergic to so they changed my pills. Well, the new pill made me sick so my mom told me not to take it. That was in November… I had a period last month. It started the 23rd of December and ended the 26. Which is unusual for me b/c my cycles are usually long. (5-7 days) Well this month it didn’t come. I have been feeling really nausaus, even vomitting at times. And yes, I have been sexually active. To make a long story short, I have a feeling that I am pregnant. I was going to take a test today, but now i am bleeding. But it isn’t like my usual period. It is really light and i dont have any cramps. Which is not normal at all for me. So, I guess I’ll take a test once it stops, or should I just wait until next month? I have a dr appt on Feb. 1st to get new pills, but I need to know before then, ya know. Well thanks for reading… (By the way I am in Korea, an army brat, so i am a day ahead of you all that are in the states. Just thought I’d add that interesting fact.)

      just looking for advice and support


        hey ashly, im sorry about your illness, just ook on the bright side though, everything happens for a reason, god just doesnt let us suffer no reason in particular,…BUT…. your subject is different, um if the dymeshia(i think thats how u spell it) doesnt leave u unfertile then u may be pregnant, because i had the same symptoms, like your period only came on 3 days, and usually its longer and heavier right? and the bleeding would stop and then it would start back and it would be no blood on the pad?… yeah i know wat u mean, and then youre nauseated and wen u want a certain thing and u cant get it u really cant eat anything else. yep sounds like to me that u have a classic case of pregnacy, keep in contact with me i’d like to hear more abou the situation and Korea. :laugh:


          hey girl i am 3 wks pregrent and i want someone to talk to

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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