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      I want to start by saying thankyou to all of those who gave me words of encouragement and was willing to be there for a complete stranger!! My husband and I decided to KEEP THE BABY!!! He came to me,after a 2 week long wait, and said that most wonderful miracles have been surprises, he knew that we weren’t thrilled about this surprise but in time it would be allright . HE also said that he knew I couldn’t go through another abortion,and he doesn’t want to be the reason why I was to have another one. I think he is more excited about it than I am! I will keep in touch on this website through out my pregnancy. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LISTENING!!


        im happy to hear you are going to keep the baby! i hope everything works out great for you! im sure they will
        good luck with the baby 🙂


          hey thats nice glad to hear u gonna enjoy ur bub congrads!


            woohoo…happy for you guys.
            At least there is some decent guys out there:)


              Congratulations on your decision! I choose life for my child as well and I am so thankful I did. Even though the decision is hard I found that the one thing I didn’t regret was offering my child a life of his own to grow and expirience, and I getting the privilege of being a part of it. Bless you and your new child and I hope your family grows stronger with this new addition!


                i am so happy about your decision to keep your baby! its so wonderful, you are a true Stand Up Girl =]

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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