Happy Mother’s Day

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      I just wanted to post something saying, "Happy Mother’s Day" to everyone at Stand Up Girl.

      If you’re a mom, or if you’re pregnant, or if you’ve been a mother, enjoy your day today! Spend time with your family or your children, and know that you are so very blessed.

      I got pregnant when I was 16. My daughter was born in June, and when Mother’s Day was in May that year, and someone got me a Mother’s Day card, it was just one more thing that made it real. I was so very proud to have that recognition, that I was a mother too. It didn’t matter if I was married, or if I was older, or if I already had a formal education and a career. All that mattered was that I was a mother. 🙂

      Love you all! 🙂



        Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, and thanks for the wonderful encouragement/advice you give the girls here.


          Thank you, Happy Mothers Day to you as well! I am a mother of three…. well two, and almost three, well not almost ha ha ha, im only 6 weeks!


            happy belated mothers day to you as well as all the girls here.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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