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      Just wanted to know whether it is normal for the hair on your stomach to grow a little during pregnancy? :blush:


        I don’t think I’vw noticed that with my own pregnancy, but with hormones all out of whack with pregnancy it would not surprise me that it could happen. If you are concerned you could ask your doctor, but I would not guess that it is anything to worry about.



          Hi 21,

          Yes this hair growth is quite normal; I experienced this with my first pregnancy (when I was 16 yrs old).

          I am MUCH (Uh hem 36)older now, with another unexpected pregnancy and have the same hair growth, not too worry it will not become a gorilla suit! 😛

          I wanted to reply as I have been through the "teenage" pregnancy, and now another unexpected "late pregnancy". I am 18weeks now with another boy :cheer:

          Alot of "weird" things will be going on, any major concerns should be addressed to a physician…. there is NO such thing EVER as a stupid question.

          Hope this helps! Good Luck!


            Yes this is perfectly normal. I had it below my belly button in my earlier pregnancies. And i found a really long hair on my chest. I thought i was turning in to a monkey :laugh:

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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