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      i found out i wz pregnant last yr jus 2 monthz afta my 15th birthday. i was really scared, hw ma mum wud react so i neva told er. i told my boyfriend, we now ave been 2getha 4 3 yrz bt at da tym of da pregnancy we were only togetha 4 2 yrz. he woz okay bout it n supportive bt wanted me 2 ave an abortion. 2 b honest i didnt knw wat i woz doing at da tym, all i knew woz if ma mum found out, she wud be ashamed of me. 🙁 as im indian, dat means if ma mum wud ave found out she wud neva speak 2 me. being asian iz hard so dats y i culdnt tell ne1. i wz doing ma exams at da tym n stress woz getting 2 me. so i jus went along with ma boyfriend. i found out i woz pregnant in november and only done sumfing bout it in jan. me n boyfriend went 2 an abortion clinic. they were real nice n helped alot bt sed if i really wanted 2 ave an abortion id ave 2 have it quick or it wud be 2 l8. i didnt knw wat 2 do, coz by dat tym i had got used 2 aving a baby inside me growing. 🙁 i was so scared n used2 cry alot. neway i neva sed nothin n jus went along with ma boyfriend. neway they fixed me a appointment at dis clinic where i had 2 take a tablet n phoned da hospital 2 say i had 2 be admitted. neway bout 1 week l8r me n my boyfriend went 2 da clinic n took da tablet. i knew straight away dat i done da wrong fing. but da nurse sed i cud still keep da baby if i wanted bt da baby wud be disabled. i culdnt do dat 2 ma baby, i knew i had 2 go ahead with da termination, i didnt want 2 let ma baby suffer. neway i told ma mum i woz going paris. bt instead i woz admitted in2 hospital. i had 2 give birth. da clinic told me it wud jus b lyk a bad period but trust me it wasnt. i had 2 push, it hurt so much. it took me 6 hrz 2 ave da baby n wen i did it wasnt alive. my heart broke. n i had depression 4 several monthz. even nw i still cry n wish i had ma baby. it wud ave been 5 monthz old. i feel so terrible.

      so 4 all u girlz dat r pregnant, dont ave an abortion. even if u fink it iz da only way out. trust me it isnt theres many ways. i wish i didnt but nw its 2 l8. 🙁


        thanks for sharing your story. just b strong


          I read over your story today and I feel really touch by the story. I couldn’t explain how it would be to lose my baby right now being 5 months. I mean it has already became part of me, i wish you would of talk to your momma but we can’t live in the past you just know that your baby is in a better place. In the future you can now make a better choice and I know that you and the baby will be straight


            hiya i know how u feel i had n abortion at 5 n a half months. i still cry about it now n mine was two years ago. my promblem is i want a baby more then ever now n i just dont seem to be gettin pregnant


              Hello, I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing and beautiful woman. I also want to let you know that their are post-abortion healing places out there, one in particular called Rachel’s Vineyard. At the retreat you will meet women and men who have been through abortion or similar experiences that will help you heal. You can look for a retreat near you @ http://www.rachelsvineyard.org. I have been on the retreat myself and also work on a rachel’s team.


                Im Sorry that you had to go through that ordeal. I just found out that i was pregnant a few months ago. I thought about having an abortion too, but afta hearing tha heartbeat, I knew it was meant for me to have this baby. Last week i just found out that i am having a baby boy and i am so excited. I will 5 months in 2 weeks.


                  thanks 4 all ur posts. i woz jus wondering do u fink ill still be able 2 ave a baby wen im old enough. Coz reading the replyz, its kinda scared me bcoz Jade sed she went through da same fing but cnt seem 2 ave a baby nw? im really worried :S please help


                    Hi my name is brittany your story really touch me to keep my baby it made me cry in everything thank you for writing this story that touch me dearly. Keep in touch Brittany

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