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      πŸ™ Well I had an abortion when I was 3 months pregnant and now my due date has come up and I am very emotional and becoming depressed. My boyfriend is really doing his best to help but he really doesn’t know what I am going through. I need some advice I always knew that this day would come but I never really thought about my feelings. I think about my baby everyday and I miss them very much and I know there in a much better home than what I could give them. ( January 16, 2008 will be forever etched in my mind!)

      – Thanks to those who can help πŸ™


        you can’t change what has happened.
        but you don’t have to forget either, and i don’t think you will.
        my friend had an abortion and on the date that she was due, she lit a candle and said a prayer.
        she has done this for three years now and it always seems to help her get through anything she is going through.


          Did you give your baby a name?
          It will be emotional and a good time to talk about your feelings to someone you trust. Tears can be helpful at this time.


            Hi Sweetie,
            First of all I just want to give you a big hug. I think if you can, tell us all about it. WHy you decided to have an abortion, how old re you, who else knows about it etc. But please dont feel pressured in any way – I just think that if you get to talk about your feelings and just get the whole thing in the open again, then we have more info on your situation and we can advice you better. If you feel you cant talk about it, its okay. I am thinking of you Honey…Love, Nunu


              Well I was 16 but now I’m 17. I did decide with my boyfriend to have an abortion. Its not that I regret my decision I just feel as if nobody undrstands me and even someone chooses to listen they automatically start judging.Thanks for your concern and I would love to hear from you anytime!!!


                hi my name is alexis your not theonly one who had an abortion.im jux turnd 16 on december 1,2008 but wen i was pregnaut i was 15, i was two months wen i had an abortion an the date was august 2,2008 im neva gone forget that day but anyways my due date was gone b febuary 10,2009 πŸ™ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™


                  I’m sorry to hear that Alexis! I know that it is going to be a hard day for you. πŸ™

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