Ha! This is a joke…i effin’ give up!

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      wow! i give up on this. every time i write something i get no feed back. i feel like i’m in this group for no reason. I feel so alone and left out, it’s as if no one can relate to what i’ve been through or my story is not sad enough or worthy some support and feedback. wtf?


        IM sorry that you feel this way. i am one of the moderators for SUG. we try and answer all your questions and talk with you as much as we can.we do leave post out on the forums for you and the others girls to answer each other. that way you guys can interact and talk with each other about experiences and other things.i am on the site wed, fri and sat. so if you feel no one is answering you any other day i would be more than willing to open up the chat room and you and i can sit in there and just chat about whatever comes up! 🙂 im glad you are on SUG a lot of girls like reading other girls stories and getting feedback… also i want to let you know we do have to preapprove what you post, we try to limit a lot of foul language and personal info.we want everyone to feel comfortable reading these 🙂 you can also email me anytime if you have questions or just feel like you need to chat 🙂

        love Teka


          it shouldn’t be just up to u or any other moderator to make me feel better or give me support. in this group we’re all suppose to support each other, or at least that’s what i thought. but thanx neways <3


            I know how you feel, first time here and I’ve asked a question with no response!


              Well, I dont go on here often because the posts take too long before they are actually up. So I just go on different sites. Well, if I read your other posts I would give you some advice but I didnt read it.


                I do agree with you it isnt up to me entirely, but it is our repsonsibility to make you girls feel welcome and answer your questions when non of the other girls can. Also babygiirl, im verry sorry that you have to wait forever for your post to get posted. we have moderators everyday that are suppose to come in and review everything. so by the end of that day everything that was submitted should be posted or not.im very sorry, and i hope you know that I personally care about every one of you girls, and try to answer as much as i can. if you guys have direct questions you want answered right away you can always email me directly.



                  thanx girls i feel a little better about this now, lol.


                    We DO care it just takes too long to reach someone on here when you write to them!!!


                      LupesInterlude, I am so sorry! I am making it my mission to TALK to my fellow gals:)
                      I am here to talk (and that is something I do very well:) Praying for ya girl! Remember we are all here for each other! Love ya!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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