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      will gym class hurt my baby?
      we do alot of running and weight lifting, i spend almost everyday in the weight room. ive only been in gym for a few weeks and before i started gym class i did small amounts of yoga everyday. will continuing to perticipate in gym hurt my baby? is there a certain time i can do it up till? im about 5-6 weeks along.


        yoga should still be fine and some slow jogging… sont think that the weight lifting is such a bright idea though.
        Good Luck with the pregnancy
        Love Eva


          thanx 🙂 i actualy dont find out till tomorow but im almost positive im pregnant. tomorow i take the test, im so nervous 🙂


            good luck for that and also the family party thing lol!!


              If you are pregnant then you go to the doctor and get a note for gym that you cannot participate in group sports, any abdominal work, weight lifting over 25lbs, and anything with a risk of fall or getting hit by the ball etc. That what my doctor gave me. I was fine up to 7months but after that when I tried doing gym I started getting contractions and pains so my doctor gave me a note that I’m excused from gym. Its important that you do this as soon as you can so any risk to the baby will decrease. Get a appointment at a clinic if you’re preg because usually you don’t get to see a OB till 9 -12 week into pregnancy and you really need that note. I was pregnant in the summer so before I went back to school I had my note. Good Luck


                my problem is i cant tell my school im pregnant cuase they’ll tell my dad and i have it planned out to not tell him till the begining of april when i have my best friend there with me.


                  Your problem should not be telling your parents it should be concern for your baby’s well being. Come on now you need to face your responsibilities and man up to your actions. So you are willing to risk your baby’s health so you wont get in trouble? I’m not trying to offend you in any way but you need to grow up. Its a baby in there not a doll. Plus your parents will find out sooner or later so it best to tell them early because no matter how late they will find out they will be pissed but they will get over it so from my personal experience its better early than later. Its not all about you anymore. You need to think of that child before of yourself.


                    if i tell my mother she will make me have an abortion, i dont care that its illegal my mother doesnt care about the law, she’s crazy and if need be would hire someone to knock me out and abort the baby, she’de probably think the government put it in me to watch her.


                      o.o Holy crap…Is she a danger to your safety tho?


                        im sorry this is pathetic, as if anyone would be like omg the goverment put a baby inmy daughter too watch me… thats so lame,, if ur so worried about your baby you would do the right thing and go stay with a friend or go to a woemen shelter. an your mother cannot force you too hav anabortion it is totally up too you.


                          Its not “Pathetic” you cannot expect a person to automatically know the right way to go. Specially when the person is confused and scared and is asking others for help. Women Shelter? Its not as easy as it seems have you seen those places they are not only dirty but packed with people which brings on diseases. Plus how do you know that the DCF don’t get involved 1st and tears this girl apart from her baby and puts her in a foster home or even worse a residential program. Those things are worse than lock up and I would NEVER advise anybody to go there. I’m speaking from experience. This girls best bet is to have somebody while she does it but to sit her mother down and talk with her. Talking can do a lot more than just taking off without thinking. Hopefully things go right for her…

                          By the way hun, your mother way tell you to get a abortion but that does not mean you have to. You can say no and if she takes you to a clinic you tell them you are not giving your consent for that and you will not let them give your an abortion and nobody will knock you out and kill the baby because it is ILLEGAL they can get a long a** jail time for that and those people will not risk that specially that there is more than 1 person in the room while you get a abortion. My mother wanted me to get a abortion when she found out. She said “Either you get a abortion or get out of my house”… I simply said ” I’m not getting an abortion plus you cannot kick me out because I’m under 18 so good luck with that and I doubt that you will go through custody court process since you cannot afford to miss work there fore you just trying to get your way and that is not going to happen,” She told me to get a abortion EVERYDAY and tried making me misereable to get her way. Now she is happy about me having her grand son and she denies ever treating me like crap and demanding for me to get a abortion. Just stick to what you believe in and stand your ground. That’s a important thing to be able to do in life it will get you some where. Good Luck hope this helped

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