growing pains?

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      hey Iam 3 months pregnant and I keep feeling Pangs down there. Sometimes one side sometimes another. I’ve heard about "growning pains" as thing streach out but could it be something more? It dosn’t usualy last to long but it will go on and off for a day or so and then I’ll be perfectly fine for a while. I’ll talk to my doctor when I fainaly get in to see him. The wait is driving me crazy. if anyone has some insite let me know I could use some info cuz it kinda hurts.


        call your doc n tell him asap cause 3 mos is early for those kinda pains., something could be wrong or not but you need to check maybe the babys not sitting in the rite place ???? its good to be safe call n check good luck n i hope it all works out 4 u


          oOoOo definately had that! mine lasted for a month straight on both sides. everytime i sneezed or coughed i thought i was gunna cry. itll get better though and then youll prolly get more in a few months from lack of space. good luck!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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