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      hi, I’m at 36 weeks and tested positive for group b strep. My pregnancy has been healthy otherwise, and the dr said that with antibiotics during birth, everything should be ok. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and if it turned out ok? just a little nervous, becuase if it gets passed to the baby it can cause serious problems it sounds like. Maybe I’m just paranoid.


        Wow! 36 weeks already!!

        Group B Strep is fairly common. It’s a highly treatable so try not to worry. You’re right, they will give you an IV of antibiotics during delivery which should protect the baby from catching it. I have had it and have never had a problem with any of my children. It’s great that they screened you already (routinely done in the U.S.) so now the hospital staff and you are aware of it. It’s not that scarrey. You’ll do great. 🙂

        princess Angela

          I had group B strep although i didnt have a normal birth so i never had antibodics but my friend also had group B strep and her bub was perfectly healthy nothing wrong with her at all..

          hope this reassures u.


            I tested positive for group b strep and all they did was give me antibiotics through my IV and everything turned out fine. My son was perfectly healthy and has been doing fine for the whole five months of his life. 🙂

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