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      Despite my parent’s reactions(i.e my dad threatened to kick me out if I didn’t get an abortion), I stuck by the decision to keep my baby. I am considering adoption out of the sake for my mom, but I doubt that’ll happen. It’ll be so tough going through with a pregnancy and baby- but I know that God will carry me through! I just have to keep strong with myself, and keep positive- despite my parent’s doing the opposite. My mom broke down crying in the OB-GYN’s office and he assured her that he’d seen many girls, one of now whom was younger than I, and she was also carrying to term. So, my visit was well-spent. He was very nice, and calmed my mom down a bit, and offered to meet with my dad to talk about options and calm him down on Friday, his day off.

      So, I got my very first ultrasound, and heard the heartbeat. It’s sooo fast! It was so weird, but I couldn’t help to miss my mom’s smile crossing her face. He said that the baby was very active, and may start kicking where I’d notice pretty soon. :woohoo: I also had to get the state law test for HIV, etc. so blood work was done(6 tubes :dry: ). I even got pictures. :silly: My prenatal care starts July 8, the day we get back from vacation- WHICH I CAN GO ON. 😆
      Also, he assured my mom that younger girls most often do wonderful in delivery because our muscles are very toned.

      This is so long, but I had to share my great news with you guys. I was feeling so lonely until I saw the baby. It was so weird, and such a miracle. It’s also weird that I can now sign myself in to places because of ’emancipation’ or whatever it’s called. :S


        congratulations how all the best for u and ur family


          Oh that is so great that everything is going good and that you got your first ultrasound! 🙂 How exciting! 🙂

          Stay strong!


            Congrats!! I remember how I told my parents.. It was in public, and outside. It was by my car, with one hand on my car door so that if they freaked I would bolt. lol. But, it turns out that they are supportive. They bought me my crib.

            I remember how it was to hear/see my baby.. its amazing. I was on a baby high for a while, and I still am!! lol.

            I hope things get better for you, and if you ever need to talk hit me up. I know a thing or two about crazy parents and there reactions when something like this happens.. my parents get the award for crazy reactions. lol.

            Talk to you later..

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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