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      Hey, Ya’ll,
      It’s me again. I just wanted to ask some advice from anyone willing to give it. My boyfriend is two years older than me and we’ve been dating for about two months now. I’ve dated older guys before and guys my own age, and i’ve found i like older guys better…but that may be beside the point. I’ve found that i have really strong feelings for this guy, and he’s very good to me. I know some people don’t beleive love can really happen at fifteen, but i’m beginning to have my doubts. I don’t know. maybe i’m just infatuated. But the problem i’m having is that whenever we kiss or show affection to eachother when we’re alone, things start to go pretty far. Neither of us wants to have sex before we’re married, but the temptation is still there. I’, worried we might go too far. what should I do?


        Hey girl. That’s great that you and your bf have both decided to wait on having sex. Sex can complicate things immensely, even when you are in love. I think that you and your boyfriend should try to have a talk sometime, when you are both calm, and try to set some boundaries. Like,….ok if this starts to happen, we’ll do this, etc. It’s good to know where you and each other stand.

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          i meet my current bf when i was 25 but we didnt start dating till i was 16 coz he was 7 years older then i was. i know people say that young people dont know what love is but you can. i have been with my bf 4 almost 4 years now. i didnt want to jump into sex and when we were alone things got heavy also as he stayed over and all that, it was hard to be temped into but you just have to be strong and only go as far as you want and then when it finally happens when you want it to, it will be millions of times better coz you waited. just be strong. gud luck


            STAY BUSY!!!! My boyfriend and I now are trying to wait until we get married its soooo hard. People think we’re crazy. We just avoid everything now because it is sooo tempting. Lucky for us theres always at least one kid around but you can always find a way!!! Stay busy always be around people and friends ….we play a lot of chess…yep we’re losers but hey. Whatever you can find that works. It can also make you feel very insecure not having very much affection so to counter act that you really have to compliment the other person as they need to do with you so that you do feel safe and loved in the relationship. I’m so proud of you for doing this. Dont ever let anyone take it away from you. My friends teased me for not having sex and when i was 17 I gave in to peer pressure. Be strong and know that what you believe in is good and true. Keep going girl.;)


              Girl, do what your heart says, and do what you think is best. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing or going too far… It’ll all work out, if you let it!

              Keep in touch!




                Hello! I think you guy s shold talk about why you want to wait to have sex and then put limits .Dont be afraid of showing what ou want and dont want to do ,remember he will understand if he really loves you.Im very happy that you decided to wait until you get married but is like you say ,temptation will always be around.So talk to your bf,and both put limits on your relationship .Im sure everything will come fine


                  If you really are dedicated to not having sex until marriage that should not be a problem. Or maybe you guys just need to set the limit to just kissing. Not rubby dubby 🙂

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