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      Right now, I just need to vent.
      This may not be the most positive post, so I am warning you before hand.

      I am SO SICK of being pregnant! seriously. i have 3 days until my due date, but I feel like he’s never coming out! I cant lay down because my back feels like its broken in every possible spot. I have to pee 46356 times a day. I cant stop cleaning!!! I was up at 1am today, in the shower, scrubbing the tiles. I then proceeded to vacuum every inch of the house, followed by sweeping and mopping. I scrubbed every countertop surface you can imagine. Once I ran out of things to clean, I started taking my toe and nail polish off, giving myself an extreme pedicure (which was in no way as relaxing as it sounds.. reaching your feet with a 40 week belly is not easy). Im more emotional than I can even explain, but ill give you just a little example of how psycho im becoming…

      i was talking to travis (my boyfriend) on the phone last night and asked me what i had for dinner. I told him ‘potatoes, green beans, meatballs, and corn"
      and he said…. ‘eh. sounds gross’
      and let me tell you, I FLIPPED!!!!!! i dont even know why. i burst into tears, yelling, and ended up hanging up the phone i was so upset!

      what is wrong with me?

      i know im acting crazy but i really cant stop.
      this baby needs to come out NOW

      i have my 40 week appointment tomorrow at 11am. she BETTER give me an induction date.

      haha sorry ladies. i needed to vent on somebody else than travis, poor guy.

      princess Angela

        I feel sorry for you darling….. I have started cleanin all the time myself …. ive never liked cleanin like ever hahahaha….

        I hope you have your baby soon… all looking forward to seein that beautiful baby

        love angela


          I can say honestly I know how you feel. We have the same due date and when i went to the Drs last week I was only dialated a FINGERTIP!!!!!!!!! What is a fingertip and my cervix was still towards my back and it need to be forward. Yesturday I went back to the Dr she didnt check my cervix but by my measurements I have dropped 3 inches (sorry Im not impressed) I DONT WANT TO BE PREGNANT I WANT MY BABY RIGHT NOW!!

          I have tried every remedy possible including Sex and walking!!!!


            ur story has made me almost wet my pants in laughter, i just gave birth a month ago, and i had the same probs jus not on such a high level!! but just to hear it from some1 else is really hillarious… but i do hope u get ur baby soon, for ur sake!!! GOOD LUCK HUN


              well… today is my due date- and no baby.
              no signs
              no contractions

              im going to cry.


                At least you know now that there is only a limited time they will allow bub to remain in there before inducing you.


                  sounds like u were nesting so baby shouldnt be far. Hope he comes for you soon. Keep us updated!


                    Update: STILL no Nathan!!!!!!!!
                    he’s 4 days late.
                    my little boy is hanging on for dear life.
                    apparently baking extra long to be extra cute.


                      i go in Sunday night at 8pm to start Cervidil! So Nathan should be here monday (10 days late), if he doesnt decide to come on his own!!! there’s an end in sight, finally!!!!


                        I am so glad for you…I have never been overdue so I can’t relate but at least your relief is coming soon…don’t forget your green if he comes on Monday…LOL…Love Meg


                          aww bless ya.. i can totally relate 2 how u are feelin rite now. My daughter was 12 days late n it drove me crazy.. was soo fustrated.. But ur lil man will b here real soon.. So try stay positive n good luck wit the birth!


                            I’m only in my second trimester and I’m moody, I’m glad to know it gets worse though. I dropped my dog off at the groomers yesterday, and they were busy so they put him in a cage. when asked the start time, they told me one hour. (I live in a foreign country so communication is difficult) I tried to tell them that I would bring him back, and was getting gysterical at the though of him being in a cage. I literally had a breakdown in the middle of a pet store and the locals were looking me like i was crazy. I love my dog, but usually it wouldn’t have bothered me so much.

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