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      As a little girl, i always thought that i would want a baby and that everything was going to be all bright and happy. I always thought that when i decided to have children, i would be thrilled. I always thought that as a senior in high school, i wouldnt be as stupid as i have been.. Currently, my 17 month old son is in daycare, while i sit at school and learn pretty much nothing. Also i sit here in this chair as i right this POST 16 weeks pregnant with yet another child, I do not live with my mom and dad, they pretty much kicked me out when i got pregnant with my son. I live with my son and my fiance, Cory. Recently i found out that Cory has cheated on me. The hardest thing to do was to sit there and watch him cry whenhe told me. Through out my whole pregnancy with my son Konor, my ex, Nick cheated on me, i just didnt see it. I love Cory so much. I honestly love him so much, and Cory is Konors dad, Nick is in Konor’s life, but he calls Cory dad, and that is why i am so afraid, i am afraid that i am going to have to take that away from my son. I really dont want to take that from him. Konor would hate me forever if i took Cory out of his life. Right now he is already a little angry with me, he knows that there isnt something right with Cory and I. I really just dont get it. I am so confused, i thought that everything was so perfect and that we were doing so well. I was afraid that when i had the baby, then everything was going to change. I am giving Cory what he has wanted forever. This is what Cory wanted. He was afraid that he was never going to have a baby, and i am giving it to him and he cheated on me. That is probably the hardest thing ever. I really truly dont know what to do. Does anybody know what i should do?


        Well, I already told you what I think. Though, I wish you the best. Please keep in touch and let me know how things turn out. What a messy situation, though, the truth is out and open now.


        PS: Keep smiling & Best of luck to you and yours!




          I can hear the sadness in your post – I’m very sorry that at your young age you are facing these difficult, life altering decisions.

          All I can say is that love is not cheating. Period. I see so many stories on this site from young girls who seem to be trying to squeeze a square into a cirle, so to speak, with their relationships. That is not a real, lasting relationship. Men who love their girlfriends or wives, truly, and their children, don’t EVER risk that by cheating. If he is capable of this now he will aways be capable of it. ANd he will continue to do it because you hav eallowed him to do it without consequences. If you let him have his cake & eat it too – he will. And what are you teaching your son about respect and love?

          I’m sorry your parents are not there to support you. How do they feel about this boyfirend? Or the last? Maybe (and I don’t know) they are just heartbroken watching you make bad decisions in men. I hope you have someone to turn to. You are a mom now – and that doesn’t leave you the same luxury as a regular high school kid going through normal relationship stuff. I know it sucks but that is your reality.

          HAng in there, and look for help from someone positive!

          You have options.


            I have set up ground rules for him, there are conseqences. I love him, and i know that he is truly sorry. My parent just dont care, they werent at the birth of my son and they probably wont be at the birth of my new baby


              Hun, i reckon go with what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do.I think its a situation that only you can change.I hope things turn out the way you want them to.Good Luck

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