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      i will be the first to tell you abortion is a bad option but there is adoption and taking care of your own may be hard but it will be a blessing in the end. if you think you might be pregnant tell your parents asap. you need to take a test. there are many times that you can have your period and be preg. you can have a preg. test that says neg. and be preg. i have had all of this.
      you can have syptoms that may make you think that you are preg. thats your mind playing games. its best to go get checked out.if a urine test comes back neg. dont leave until they do blood work.but if you are experincing pregnancy symptoms then go get checked…but it can be your mind playing games. but i would say that if you think that you are preg. stop doing drugs and alcohol right away….i drank the first 3 months of my preg. because i got all neg.

      i wish you all luck


        I just wan to agree with the above post. Please girls, consider adoption. We adopted our son at birth. We have a wonderful relationship with his birthparents and they know he is healthy and happy and they will never have to face the possible future guilt of abortion. There are other aptions and adoption isn’t a big bad secret liek it was years ago. We have a very open adoption and hope to again when we find our next baby.

        I wish you all peace & luck in your decisions. Please feel free to [post] if you want to discuss options.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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