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      So me and this guy were together and when we were he wanted to go in me (without a condom) just for a second and he didnt go in (trust me) just right on my thighs and folds a little. 🙁

      So I told him not without a condom he listened and put it on … (I made sure it was on like 3 times) and he didnt go in, cause it hurt wayyyyyyyyyyy to much so we stopped…. within the next 3 days I got my period, I cramped and had a regular period. 🙁

      But im scaired, I worry and stress a lot and maybe im stressing to much, but could i be pregnant? ive had no symptoms and stuff the only thing that was different was today i had like a tiny barely there pink spot. i had to look really hard to see it. I was thinking maybe jeans were to tight or something u know….

      Just help me out. Remember I got my period. I just need someone else to tell me that i may not be. Im just stressing:blush:


        no it doesnt sound like you are pregnant so just relax and stop stressing because if u stress to much thinking you could be pregnant then your body might start showing symptoms even though they aint real. your body can do that to you thats y when people trying for a baby keep thinking there pregnant because they have all the syns but then they aint, its because of there body messing with there heads and stuff and i think its really enoying. i have had alot of unprotected sex with my bf and never got pregnant but it could happen one day so use protection. im on the pill now so its ok. so you just calm down luv x


          Well, from what it sounds like, you are not pregnant. Cause if he didnt go all the way inside of you, he had a condom on and nothing made him cum inside of you, then there is no way that you can be. And girl if you started your period, that means you are not…I do think that you are just worried and stressing this too much, maybe the pink spot was just ‘leftovers’ from your period…I wouldnt worry, as long as you started you period…you arent pregnant.


            stress can make your period not do right so not be scaired because you would know if you were pregnant but you can go get a test from the store just to make sure.i am 13 and pregnant so you would know. you would have a feeling but if you need to talk you con e-mail me here on my profile.


              It sounds like you are not pregnant. Good job in standing up for yourself and enforcing the condom. Condoms were never comfortable for me either but trust me, squeezing a head through your vagina is ALOT more uncomfortable LOL.

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