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      I’m 33 Weeks and 1 day along.
      but i want my little boy here NOWWW!!!
      me and the daddy arent together anymore, but we’re friends.
      its really difficult trying to go trhough a breakup AND a pregnancy at the same time.
      but anyways, I have almost 7 weeks to wait,
      what can i do to make the time go faster? im going insane!!!! im like wanting him to come out early because im just so anxious.
      so any ideas to keep me busy and keep my mind off the breakup/ waiting for my son to get here would be appreciated
      thanks girls!

      princess Angela

        Im 13 weeks and already anxious heheh i think that i am just really excited abotu the whole thing now and cant wait to have it here with me…. but its taking like sooo long hahahaha… Im acctully in the same boat as u but the father of my child is a idiot also …

        Hope u find sumthing to do not long to go now

        Love angela


          best thing to think about is if you go at 37wks its closer! its a pain waiting and when bub is out, you will miss being pregnant again.


            I felt the exact same way when i was pregnant with my daughter. I just wanted her OUT NOW! When she did arrive i wanted her back in there…i didnt believe people when they said what a newborn was like and to enjoy the remaining time while i was pregnant…
            It’ll be over soon enough. You will look back and wonder where the time went!


              i kept wishing my son would come and he came 6 weeks early and now we’ve been in the hospital 3 different times. for jaundice and pnuemonia so be careful what you wish for. and i know how you feel i went through a break when i was pregnant to and im 16 and my babys daddy is married as of yesterday and takes care of her 5 year old daughter and has nothing to do with our son.


                if it hasnt kicked in yet then youll probably start "nesting" soon. Go shopping or looking for baby stuff, fix the room up, and spend lots of time with friends! youre almost there!!!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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