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      My Daughter Cheyenne just turned one yesterday ( it went by Wayy to fast)and i was wondering how old should she be when i take her off of the bottle and swich to only sippy cups?( and cows milk??) she has already given up the passy . But whats the best way, just take it away all together or a lil at a time?

      Any tips would be greatttt
      Thanks Brittany 🙂


        I switched both my kids to cows milk (whole milk) at a year old. With my first daughter i tried to take away the bottle a little at a time but it was hard because my son was still having the bottle, so it was hard, and i usualy just ended up giving in, so once Rocco turned 2 i just took all the bottles away all together and that worked a million times better then trying to take the bottle away a little at a time


          You can take her off the bottle now since she’s one year old. Not completely though, what i did was let him have one before bed and when he wakes up in the middle of the night or when he wakes up for good. And as for the milk what i did was i started putting half formula and half milk in his bottles so he can get used to it first and see if he can tolerate it, so far its been good and he can drink whole bottle of milk now he’s turning two in September.


            I would introduce sippy cup at 12mths and try to leave bottle to night time BUT you are the mother and its up to you.
            I know my kids just got the drink everywhere at 12mths so i waited a little bit.
            Cows milk can be tried about 12mths!


              My kids are 3 and 5 now. I have to say we let the bottle go for a long time. The elder one didn’t want to give it up because the baby didn’t have to (16 months apart) and then their father and I were busy seperating and we didn’t want to force them to give up what was ultimately their comfort objects. When we did it (last year only) we both took away the bottles with full force and without any exceptions and it worked out well. One night of tears and then it was over. We made our choices based on our kids and if you think your’s is ready for the next step – then go for it. If not, there is no shame in holding off until daughter is ready. In any case, I am sure her birthday was terribly exciting and you will want to wait a few more days for that to die down before throwing something new her way…


                When my babies turned one we incorporated the ‘losing of the bottle’ in the party. When we had their birthday party we made it like a ceremony, and threw it away and presented them with a nice sippy cup (with their favorite character or color) all wrapped up shiny and pretty like it was the best treasure ever- we had trained them half time with the sippy and bottle up til then, that worked perfectly with all mine, (except when my neice gave a bottle to my 3rd son when he was 13 months old!) We also swithched to whole milk at 1.

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