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      I’m pretty sure I’m starting to get cravings.Usually I’m a very healthy eater-I’d choose a smoothie over coke any day-but now I want Burger King cheeseburgers and fries.All the time.Problem:the nearest Burger King,is,oh,twenty seven miles away?Damnnnnn.
      Anyway,to come back to the point of this post:do i want to know the gender at my 20 week scan or not? On one hand,it means I can spend the next 4 months buying cute little boy or girl clothes.On the other hand,i like suprises.What to do,what to do…recommendations?


        well either way your baby shower will fill you up with clothes most likely. my sister decided not to find out the gender andcouldnt really buy anything unless it was yellow. and they had boy and girl names ready. it was fun for them (her bf and her) they wanted a boy and as soon as HE popped out they both borke down and cried over it. they were happy. me on the other hand i couldnt help btu know. i HAD TO. lol


          With my first I wanted to hear "It’s a…" for the first time and not say "duh I already knew that!!!" Well the moment I haear "It’s a girl" was so amazing…with both of my kids I knew very early into my pregnancy what gender they were..I let my little girl be a surprise but when I was pregnant with my son I wanted to find out because I had friends with little girls smaller than my daughter and I wanted to know if I needed to keep her clothes or if I should give them away as hand me downs….well I hope that helps…Meg


            Girl I would say that it is all up to you! I am a very impatient person so I wanted to know the second I could…but you can never really trust scans…so make sure they do show you how they know what it is! You dont want to be thinking you are having one thing the whole time and then there would be a big suprise at birth! Also then you can pick out everything in the right color beforehand…but it is still up to you! ; )


              On my 20week u/s i found out what the sex of my baby was im too impatient to not no and for it to be a surprise! but i kind of forgot to ask in the ultrasound so luckily my bf asked and thats when we found out we were havin a lil boy! its good because now i can go out and do little bubba boy shopping 🙂 xbut its really up to you 🙂 x


                i wanted to know because i didn’t want to have to buy yellow and unisex clothing for my baby, i wanted to be albe to buy blue for a boy and pink for a girl and pick a nursery theme that would also match a boy or a girl…so when i had my ultrasound i found out im having a little boy….it’s ur own personal choice….good luck


                  Only you can make that choice but if are still unsure..maybe leave it til the actual time of the scan, you might change your mind. I think first baby is always good to find out but the others leave it a surprise. I wanted 2 find out for both but first didnt co-operate and second we were told its a boy but i wouldn’t fully believe it anyways coz something that has a lump between the legs might also be the cord in the way. I will find out pretty soon though. I hope all goes well at your scan and u get the results that you want!

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