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      hey i just want any info anyone had on gbs or if anyones had or has it cos i have it but the hospitals ridiculously vague and dont seem terribly concerned but i read it can cause stillbirth an im worried sick

      Thanks to anyone who replies




        ahhh i got this with my second pregnancy.
        Was meant to have 4hrs of antibiotics before birth so they told me as soon as labour starts, come in to the hospital WELL i had my baby at home because of his quick arrival, he didn’t catch it but kept an eye on him with monitoring his temps etc. I read up on it when they said i tested positive and it did say WORST case it can cause death BUT thats the very worst, its like when you get the epidural they ‘have; to tell you that it can paralyse(sp) you.
        Don’t stress about it and the drs know what they are doing 🙂


          I do know that 50% of pregnant woman have GBS. And they would have never even have known before they were pregnant. It doesn’t do anything to us but can be potentially dangerous to the baby. But what they will do is give you antibiotics when you go to the hospital and are in labor. You will receive lots of antibiotics through an IV and it will more times than not clear up the GBS infection. A lot of woman are diagnosed with it, and it usually never causes anything to happen to the baby. The only way that it would cause anything to happen to the baby was if it wasn’t treated before the baby went through the birth canal. And if the infection does not clear up by the time you have to push, they will probably give you a C-section. Just trust your doctors they know what they are doing, and I am sure your baby will be a very healthy one!! Good luck , and just let us know when your baby is born how everything went!! I will be praying for you.


            Still birth is in very RARE cases. Your care-giver should give you the oppurtinity for a GBS test at about 36-38wks. If you are GBS positive, and about 10% of women are, it can be fixed with some antibiotics in labour. Hope that helps.


              I tested positive for group b strep when I was pregnant with Rhiannon. The doctor didn’t seem too worried so it didn’t ever sink in that it could be serious. I did not have any problems – the only thing they did different from a woman who does not have GBS was that they pumped me full of antibiotics just before the birth. Everything was fine for me, I don’t think you should worry too much. Good luck!!

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