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      So what do you guys want to name your future children? πŸ™‚ I don’t know about you guys, but I always think about what I would like to name my baby once I have one in the far future. I think it’s kinda fun to talk about it. I like Khloe Mae, Loreyna Brielle, and Gabrielle Ludy or Ludy Gabrielle (Ludy is my mom’s name) For boys I like Aiden Liam, Liam Nathan, and Nathan Juan. I know I’m probably too young to even be thinking about babies, but I’m not wanting one right now…just dreaming about the future πŸ™‚ What do you guys wanna name ur future kids??? πŸ˜€


        boy: Lavi Caleb
        girl: Lavi Heaven

        that’s what my boyfriend and wants to name our future baby., πŸ˜‰


          Those are really cute! What do you wanna be when you grow up?? Or how old are you? haha


            Boy: Ayden lee or Chase andrew
            Girl: Arora lee or Ashley marie


              Girl- No idea
              Boy-[soon coming] Victor Manuel


                Boy: Aergean (Like his daddy)
                or: Mordechai
                Girl: Lamia Helena


                  17., πŸ˜‰


                    girl : Lia
                    Boy Liam

                    my girls names are Jana Ina and Angelina

                    im doing on my management/german professional career, but i dont know quite yet, but im doing nails also so…mybe something in this direction.


                      Cute names every one =]


                        Girl-Alyssa Marie,Karrissa Aaliyah or Nevaeh Marie.
                        Boy-Jaylen,Jake,Markus,or Jayden.


                          [color=#FF0080] daughter is called; ella louise

                          i am now pregnant with my second baba; 11 weeks today πŸ™‚

                          other names are;

                          rebbecca ann, stephanie rose, jessica marie

                          connor jay, harvey edward, oliver (not sure on middle name for oliver)

                          i don’t really have any plans for the future, just gonna take each day as it comes tbh, i’m not working atm as i’ve had to quit my job coz to injuries; i think due to this pregnancy.

                          hoping for a boy πŸ™‚ but will be happy whatever i have!!

                          love from charlotte, matt, baby ella & jelly bean <3 xXx[/color]


                            Studying journalism part time and working in retail while I’m waiting to write exams.
                            Anyone have wedding plans for this year?


                              I love everyone’s names… I like Khloe Mae for a girl and Aiden Jace for a boy….but I’m not having kids for a LONG time hahaha πŸ™‚


                                I’m a freshman in High School. I want to graduate a year early so I’d be 17 when I graduate…but that’s still under thought…maybe I’ll just graduate with my right class. I live in CA so I’m wanting to go to University of Irvine and go to Medical School at Loma Linda University…but that’s IF I decide to still study medicine…cuz I’m kind of interested in Criminal Justice as well, but I’m pretty sure becoming a Pediatrician or a Neonatal Nurse is my calling… I love working with babies and little kids πŸ™‚ My boyfriend and I plan to get married after we both start our careers and then start a family. He wants to be a Software Engineer and is going to Cal State Fullerton next year. So those are my plans for the future…although, I have othes like visiting beautiful beaches and cities in Spain and Mexico, going on a cruise with my future family, I want to study a little bit of fashion design, I want to get a horse (I can’t right now cuz my parents wont let me and it cost too much money and I don’t have the time), and rescue a puppy or two, those kinds of plans… hehe πŸ™‚


                                  girl : vada raine
                                  keegan marie
                                  lilly ann
                                  boy: adam vincent


                                    Ugh I cant believe Im 8 days overdue


                                      Girl: Jamelia Ruth
                                      Boy: Anthony Robert


                                        Girl: Nyla , Isis or Naima

                                        Boys: Ethan , Travis or Logan


                                          Im 3 Months Far Atm Me And My Boyfriend Hav chosen

                                          Logan Matthew- Boy .

                                          Mia Rose- Girl .

                                          Or , Tanika Grace- Girl πŸ™‚



                                            MIA ROSE


                                              OHH I READ THE WRONG THING LOL.. IF I HAVE ANOTHER BBY WHICH WOULD BE MY 3RD..
                                              I WOULD NAME

                                              BOY: ADRIAN RICARDO ALCALA OR ANDREW RICARDO ALCALA

                                              GIRL : ? I WANT A BOY I ALREADY HAVE TWO GIRLS

                                              ARYANA KASSANDRA ALCALA AND KAYLONI ALEXIS ALCALA LOL

                                              NO MORE GIRLS.. MY MOM CURSED ME SHE HAD 3 GIRLS.. SO IM

                                              SCARED TO TRY AGAIN..


                                                -William Donald Cramer
                                                -Michael Steven Cramer

                                                -Amelia Salvatrice Cramer
                                                -Nahlia Cramer

                                                just a few I’ve thought of… lol


                                                  I already have two beautiful little girls, their names are Alexas Kaedance and Azelin Mckayla.
                                                  If they were boys their names would of been :
                                                  Christian Michael
                                                  Casey Anthony


                                                    Girl: Josie Nicole
                                                    Boy: Alex
                                                    Those are the names that my boyfriend and I picked out πŸ™‚


                                                      Cute names πŸ™‚

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