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      My period is always so irregular I stopped keeping track. I had my period about a month ago but it was so light and the blood was a rusty brown color and it was just weird. I usually have it light then heavy then light. It was light the whole five days. About two weeks ago I started having cramps. I never have cramps until the day of my period and my breasts will usually get tender. So about those cramps they would last pretty much all day. I still get them but not as bad, except when I wake up I have a dull pain that hurts and that will last about ten minutes. Im usually tired so I can’t tell if I am more tired. I do know that I am always hungry. It seems like I am hungry from the time I wake up until I fall asleep. That is different for me because Im usually not hungry in the morning. Also my breasts aren’t tender but my nipples hurt and that has never happened. Its usually a pain throughtout the whole breast around my date. I took two pregnacy tests but they both came out negative. I took one at night so I took the next that morning. They both came out NEGATIVE. But I can’t help but think Im pregnant. It isnt just the symptoms either Im obsessed with thinking about it. Can anyone give me some advice?



        I can relate. My periods were so irregular it was hard to keep track of when they whould be due. If you have taken several tests that have turned out negative, then I would guess that you are not pregnant, but I can understand your worry and concern until your next period comes. I had a similar pregnancy scare several years ago. I went to the doctor because I wasn’t convinced. It turned out that I was not pregnant and eventually my period came. If you are still worried perhaps you should see a doctor to find out what is going on. In the meantime try not to stress too much. Good luck.



          My best friend just found out she is pregnant. She is 2 months along. She took 4 pregnancy tests only a week ago (2 ept, and 2 first response) and they were all NEGATIVE. I know for sure because I was there! I’m just saying, go to the doctor to know for sure!! Those tests aren’t right for everyone. Levels of hCG vary from woman to woman!


            This exact thing happened to me in May. I had these horrible cramps and my period was late. I didn’t even worry though because I had always been like that. The pain was so bad that I call my ob and he had me come in for a pregnancy test. I was pregnant (two weeks at the most), and I was trying (starting) to miscarry. It was horrible I was on the pill and didn’t expect this to happen. I am happily married with three daughters, we would never mind being blessed with another baby. We just hated knowing we lost one, even if it was just a few weeks along. I hope you find out what is going on and try to stay positive whatever it is.


              i think u should just go to the doctor my friend who is pregnet took a pregnacy test and it came out negative too so for advise go to the doctors.

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