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      I have taken two tests and they both came out negative. About two weeks ago I had my period but it was so light I didn’t use a tampon I didn’t even need a pad. It lasted five days like that. My blood was like a brownish color. My nipples hurt unlike ever before. Usually the whole boob hurts and now its just my nipples and it doesn’t stop hurting. About two weeks ago I started having cramps, they lasted all day long and I never have cramps except for like five minutes before my period starts. As I said I took two tests. I took one at night and one in the morning. They both came out negative. I thought I was pregnant once before nothing like this just wasn’t getting my period. Once I took the test before I accepted and forgot about it. This time though I can’t get it out of my head. I find myself thinking gotta be careful don’t want to hurt my baby. Is something wrong with me? Am I just being to hopeful? I mean my fiance came in me, in fact two or three different times. Can someone give me some feedback? Do blood tests cost more?


        There is nothing wrong with you. If you think you might be pregnant it is good to not do actions that would potentially be harmful to a baby if you were pregnant. It seems normal to be hopeful, but if you have had a light period and several negative tests I would bet that you are not pregnant. Blood tests are more accurate than urine tests, but I would guess that a blood test would be more expensive because of lab fees to process the test. Best wishes.



          I feel the same way u do.The same thing is happening to me!! I took two pregnancy tests and they came out negative.I had a period for like five days and usually get it for a whole week and it was lighter and different.I’ve been throwing up like crazy and I get cramps and feel weird movement in my abdomen especially when i go to sleep on my side at night.My stomach and abdomen is more stiff and harder and its almost been a month but I’m scared.My body is changing and I dont think and then do think I’m pregnant !!! I’ve been pale and get nauseous for any kind of food i see.My mom is gettin suspicious so she made a doctor appt. for me to get a blood test. I’m scared to do anything in case I am pregnant too .I dont wanna hurt the baby !! Good Luck and Best wishes !!



            [b] Have either of you considered retesting? With my second child, I did not get a positive urine pregnancy test till I was 8wks along. My friend was 22wks along before she got a positive test. The reasons the tests sometimes dont register positive when you are actually pregnant is because the more dilute your urine is, the less the pregnancy hormone. Most insurance companies pay for blood tests. If you call your doctor and tell them you’ve missed a period and got a negative pregnancy test but feel you are pregnant, most will issue paperwork for a blood test. All I can say is good luck, and I hope you both get the outcome you are looking for. Good job for playing things "safe" until you know for sure.


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