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      hey all

      so the title kind of gives it away.. but im so frustrated.. im 6 months pregnant and 19 years old. i had to leave work because my blood preasure is going nuts one minute its soo high and then 5 seconds later it’ll drop so low.. so my doctor told me not to go into work because it could do damage to my baby. So i cant work and he’s the only income coming in. I’m living with my parents and he lives with his. But we’re needing a vehicle because we share the vehicle with my father and we will tell him we need th e vehicle for a doctors appointment and he’ll take the vehicle the day we really need it and for no reason. so we’re trying to get a vehicle and his parents are doing everything to help us and my parents arent helping us at all. The most "help" my parents are giving me is that my bf is going to abandon me and my child. (no offense but my bf waited to be with me for 5 years and then we started dating for two so if he was going to take off it would’ve happened already) and im getting upset because we also need to move out because my parents are stressing me out so much by telling me cruel things. and trying to control what i do with my baby and everything and its not even here yet… im so frustrated that i just needed to vent.. maybe im sounding like a horrible person but i really just needed to vent and possibly get feedback..
      thanks for reading


        Aw, that does sound frustrating! I hope that your blood pressure evens out and that you’re able to get a car!
        It’s really too bad that your parents are stressing you out… if you got married and moved out do you think that they’d leave you alone?
        No, you don’t sound like a horrible person… and this site is a good place to vent when you need to. 😉
        Hang in there! 🙂


          no because if i got married my parents would just make it worst.. and i dont want to get married just to proove a point. my bf did ask me to marry him when we found out but i told him i didnt want to get married just because i was pregnant. but yeah im spending a lot of time at my boyfriend’s parents place because they are so sweet and helpful so i stay there so i think my parents are getting jealous or something im not sure but i think its harsh that my parents would keep telling my relationship is doomed when they know nothing about my relationship. Like my boyfriend does everything for them without asking for anything from them. My mom will ask him to fix something and he will go out of his way to do it and i just feel bad when i hear my mom trash talking him because she has no right. And parents should be supportive of the people you love not the other way around right?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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