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      Hey guys! I dont know what to do. My friend is Pregnant and the father is my boyfriends best friend..but earlier when she first told him, he flipped out and said abortion or never talk to him again. But latly hes been saying he understands that she doesnt beileve in abortion and that hes starting to realize that he was being a complete jerk. Hes always drunk and idk weither we should try and keep him in the babys life or rather to just let him get on with his. What is he thinking and what should we do.:huh:


        oh man. this is a tough one.

        If the guy got your friend pregnant, then surely, he should be responsible enough for it. No woman can produce a baby on her own. It’s just unfortunate that this guy got your friend pregnant because, as you said, he’s always drunk. That detail alone will scare the hell out of any parent. I wonder how your friend’s parents must think and feel.

        At this point, the best thing to do is to ensure that the father of the baby shoulders part of the financial concerns. Forget about marriage at this point. The situation is unfortunate but let’s not make it even more unfortunate by forcing marriage if one party is obviously not too strong about saying "no" to the bottle. If possible, get a legal document stipulating what the guy is supposed to provide.

        A legal stumbling block at this point may be that your friend didn’t take the abortion pill but she had agreed to do so. That in itself constitutes having gone into an "agreement" in bad faith or having mislead the other party.

        Regardless of the legal questions though, your friend may have to contend with the fact that the baby’s father is who he is. If he shapes up, then consider marriage. If not, move away. No amount of money that can be acquired from him is worth years of aggravation.

        What’s frustrating now is the fact that your friend has to enter into some agreement with the guy and work from there. If he’s husband material and both of them decide a few years down the road to get married, then so be it. If he’s a louse, then the baby doesn’t deserve him and neither does your friend.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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