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      So my friend is in need of help and I said I would ask around…. Heres the dealio!! She had sex two days before her period. And the guy “came” inside of her!!! Should she be worried about getting pregnant? A few people I have asked said their is a 95% chance that she is pregant!!
      Answers ASAP!!!


        its possible but not likely. Most women ovulate earlier then two days before their next period is due. tell her to relax 🙂 :cheer:


          Yes, it is possible, but extremely unlikely. I will pray for your friend! 🙂 <3


            its possible but i doubt it! tell her to relax


              It could be possible as you can ovulate at any time of the month and it is possible to ovulate during a period but usually this is no worry if you have a regular period.


              In any case of ejaculation inside or around the vaginal area it is important to take a pregnancy test. Remember next time to be more careful if you are not pregnant, and if you are you need to be ready to take on the challenge of making your first parenting decision.

              Tell your friend to seek a pregnancy test and be more careful!


                THat is what I told her!! Just to relax and see what happens in the next couple weeks (cause her period was supposed to be coming this week). This is what she told me:
                Her period usually comes on the 22nd of every month.January) It came on the 16th, lasted the 7 days it usually does, then was gone. Then in February, it came on the 22nd, lasted the 7 days, then was gone. This month (March) it came on the 20th, and lasted only 4 days, and was lighter than it normally was.
                This is all what she told me. And she only had sex on the 18th… How does that work?


                  It could work but… man I don’t think she’s pregnant lol. Tell her to test anyways. Testing never killed anyone 🙂


                    Well could she possibly be pregnant from a different time then? Before this time? Cause she said she has been having some of the symptoms. Heartburn, headaches, frequent urination, the whole period thing, lower back pains. ??

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