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      Hey guys I’m only 15 and I’m 12 weeks pregnant!! I’m so nervous and everyone at school thinks I’m a slut. I’m really not thought I’ve always thought of my self as the good girl… but here I am sitting here 12 weeks pregnant! What should I do?? I’m so nervous and afraid my baby won’t make it. I would like to keep my baby but I want to stay in school and I don’t know how I would be there for him/her. And I don’t want to put it up for adoption because I have a really hard time trusting other people. Please help me I don’t know what to do!!!! My friends and parents aren’t speaking to me right now and the only support I have is my boyfriend!! Please help I’m so scared 🙁 🙁


        Well I know many girls who have made it through school with a baby!!!! If you are thinking about abortion you should cast that thought far away from your mind….think of it this way…do you want to be known at school as the girl who got pregnant and killed her baby…or.. do you want to show them who you are deep inside…a girl who made a poor choice but has the guts and the strength to STAND UP and face her responsibilities…you may not have alot of support right now but if you pull up and start making good choices…do your homework, listen to your parents, take some parenting classes and prepare yourself then your family and others who love you will see that you need the support and that you are not looking for a hand out….If a man is hungry and you give him a fish he will eat it and then soon be in need again..if you give him a fishing pole then he can catch all the fish he needs…show them that you "want the fishing pole" and they will teach you and support you but dont kill your baby and "ask for fish" get what I’m saying??? You can do this and you can learn alot in this trying time but dont kill your baby!!!!! Love and Prayers Meg


          I’m 15 too,and I’m 19 weeks pregnant.I only found out last week though.It’s good that you have your boyfriend’s support,so you aren’t completely on your own.It’s going to be hard for your parents-it was for mine-but now,they’re just as excited as me.If you don’t have a close relationship with your parents don’t worry-this could bring you all closer.It did for my family.If you want to keep the baby,just think-they may glare at you for a while,but once they actually see their grandchild,they’ll fall in love.
          But seriously,talk to them.Show them how much you need them,and talk over every option with them.You don’t need to quit school-I’m continuing with my exams this year,and I’m going back to school for A levels,and I’m planning on going to uni.A baby doesn;t necessarily need to ruin your life-your plans may be a little harder,and take a little longer to accomplish.
          As for being a slut-well,of course your not! Accidents happen to the very best of us.I’ve been with my boyfriend 2 years.We lost it to each other-that hardly makes me a slut,though I’m going to be a teen mum.
          Being pregnant and having a child means you will be feeling things that your friends haven’t experienced and can;t imagine.Ignore them:they don’t understand.True friends will stand by you:those who won’t aren’t worth your time.What matters is your health and happiness.

          And don’t forget:they may call you names today,but tomorrow it could be them.Hope all goes well for you.


            Huni there are soooo many schemes which help young mums who are in skool an want to carry on the education after the baby is born dont worrie about it. . . go to ur scholl counciler or nurse an they will help you with all that. . . . .An as for the popel at skool ignor them, they have all prob had sex jus that uv got caught!!! Ur not a slut an dont every think of ur slef as one. . . . .Ur family will come round trust me. . . .im glad ur bf is supportvie an thats the main thing. . . . U will b a brill mom, congrats an good luck xxxxx 🙂


              hey i am 16 yrs old and 28wks pregnet.dont listen to wat pple have to say as long as ur doing wat ur spose 2 and taking care of your business then theres nothing to worry about.n about school…do it!you gotta finish school,dont use the baby as an exuse,if anything do it for tha baby;)


                hey dont worry wat other ppl think,you do wat u think is rite..ur parents and friends will come around..maybe they are like this bcos all they can see is a child having a still a child 17, and i mite b pregnant, i dnt live at home but am still close wit my mum so i wud tell sister was 15 wen she had her 4 ur friends they pbviously let tehre true colours out..just thank god your bf is suppoting you.iferything will get better, just giv it sum time..good luck ok,hope all goes well,wb…daniella xoxo


                  so for one ur "friends" rn’t really ur friends if they rn’t talking to u just cuz ur preg…that’s not what friends do…and for another thing u can keep going to school and hav this baby…one of my best friends had her baby last year right near the end of the school year and we were juniors and she still finished they year out from home and now she’s graduting this saturday!….so don’t let ne one tell u that u can’t keep going to school because u have a baby!…oh and as for being a "slut" that’s just stupid teenage talk so dont listen! they can’t think of ne thing better to do than talk about u and that’s what’s sad…


                    It’s ok to be scared everyone is at first. My dad was really mad at first but he got over it after a few weeks but I still get the little comments like I told you to be careful and stuff like that. But he loves his granddaughter a lot and he loves getting to see her.

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