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      i am twenty weeks when to tell parents, how to tell them, what to expect, when to get an ultrasound,pregnancy any insight to prepare me please I AM SO SCARED WHAT DO I DO


        first of all, im shocked you’ve made it this far without telling anyone and without anyone knowing….
        secondly you need to tell someone asap, you are supposed to be taking prenatal vitamins all now…..

        what i would suggest is telling whom ever you feel more comfortable with either your mum or dad, its going to be tough but it needs to be done, you have to get a check up to make sure everything is ok with the baby


          I think the best thing to do is to tell your perants even if they get mad or trip out, im going to tell you what happin to me. I was seventeen when i found out i was pregnant had a real strict mom and i was scared to tell her i waited so long and eventually i started showing and i had to tell her, she took me to the doctor and i was already four months along she was furious but then she got over it and understood that no matter what im her daughter and she supported me. the point of me telling you all this is you shouldnt be afraid to tell your perants im sure even if they get mad in the moment they will understand and i know you might feel lonely and confused but believe me they will understand. go see your doctor asap you need prenatal care.


            I know youre 14 but you need to grow up if youre planning on keeping the baby. Tell your parents that you are pregnant and get immidiate care for the baby aka doctors appt. Think of the baby before you, because right now youre doing it the other way around. I know youre scared I got pregnant at 15, but you got to do what you should do in order to benefit the little one. Tell your parents ASAP because they will find out sooner or later anyway. Good Luck


              i know what its like. im 14, only 5 weeks, and im absolutly TERRIFIED of telling my parents. but its not safe for you or the baby to go that long without a checkup of some sort….


                i understand what you are goiing through im 13 and believe im pregnant!! I scared to tell anyone around me because of their harsh judement… i couldnt even look in my mothers eyes and tell her if i wanted to because all i would see is pain and tears..


                  hi iam 12 years old and have two kids i know how hard it is i went throgh every thing that u r going to go throgh u can talk to me if u need and so can other people thk and have a good day :woohoo: :blink:


                    I know how you feel girl, im going through the same thing. Im 15 & pregnant. :dry: I have no clue what to tell my parents too, my boyfriend knows about me being pregnant but his parents dont know either, actualy nobody does. Its pretty hard telling your parents that your pregnant, trust me. Ive tried. Everytime I try to tell them, I think about the worst thing thy would say.. I really shoulnt do that though. Maybe we can help each other out, add me. 🙂


                      The easiest way is to jump in and do it. The setting is always important (tension creates tension), so dont attempt telling them while they’re highly strung about something else… Also, if it makes things easier for you, maybe you should tell another adult that you trust first and then tell them with this adult present ( that way you have a little back up).
                      Also, having your bf or the baby’s daddy there is also a good thing… that way you can show your parents that the two of you are in it together.

                      Make sure that they know that the two of you are aware of how serious and challenging it will be to raise a baby, show them that you can be mature (because, let’s face it, it’s an adult situation). And reasure them, believe it or not, they get scared to snd that’s when they start freaking out…

                      I hope that this post will help you a little, and if there’s anything else you need to know, you can pm me 🙂
                      Good luck and let us know how it goes.

                      Lots of love


                        God, I know EXACTLY what you are all going/went through. I’m 14 and pregnant and I’m terrified. I haven’t told my parents yet and I’m 7 weeks, I’m scared of what they will say and what everyone will think.
                        If you need anyone to talk to add me.


                          Hey i understand what you are going through I was 20 weeks pregnant when I told my mom. I wasn’t showing much i just looked like I was getting chubby. I was afraid to tell her because she would always tell me that if i came out pregnant she would kick me out. But she didn’t, now my baby is 2 months and she is happy but she is still mad about my boyfriend being a gang banger and that he is locked up.Tell your parents soon and get prenatal care. hopefully your boyfriend will stand by you and help you out.


                            well at that age you already know that you must be responsible in every decision you will made

                            go on girl just be strong …..
                            being a mother is not by age its by heart

                            god bless


                              just go on girl remember being a mother is not by age its by heart


                                Hun, its not such a scary thought after awhile. Yes being a teen mother will be hard. I’m expecting one of my own (my first baby at that) But don’t stress to much. Its bad for him or her. Do what i’m doing focus especially on school. Get your grades to straight A’s if you can. One or two B’s isn’t bad but shoot for A’s so it shows your determined to do good (if you want to keep it.) If you can find a way to get a pregnancy test without your parents knowing. You don’t have to tellthem right away. But you do have to tell them.

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