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      just thought id open up a thread for something on a lighter note, was just wondering from all the moms n moms to be…. what was/is the wierdest thing u did in ur pregnancy?? be it wierdest cravings, things u did,felt,said (or forgot lol)… lets hear it:P


        The weirdest thing i’ve done while being pregnant was when i was coming home from a road trip and smelt something funny and realized it was the blanket i was using and then i realized that my house smelt funny and i started to cry because my house smelt funny


          Nesting comes to mind. There’s nothing like painting the chair rail at 2AM, followed by handpainting a tulip border around the baby’s room for 2 wks straight, followed by a meticulous sponge paint job over the whole room to give it that earthy feel. The comfort of my beloved while I was away nursing the baby was a real concern to me… he needed me to handcut 400 some shapes and handstitch him a Q-size quilt. (pheww….how I hate that quilt now:blink: )

          Other than that…..I seemed to have a problem holding on to things. I dropped everything!! That was a dead giveaway. If things started crashing to the floor at all hours of the day…….”MOM’S PREGNANT!”
          Scrambled eggs on my plate while standing up, milk in a glass, keys, books, mascara, babies……no, just kidding, never dropped one of them. :silly:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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