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      everyone and anyone that has been pregnant did you find out that you were pregnant and what were your first symptoms


        I misscarried but my first symptoms I was really tiered sleeping 14 hours everyday. I could not get full and I was like attached to saltin crakers I couldn’t look at chocolate or sweets without getting sick. I was nausios all day. My sister (who also misscarried) her only symptoms were feeling tiered and craving salty food. I found out with mo 5th hpt and my sister found out by a blood test. I hope this helps you.


          My first signs were sleeping like a million hours a day! And eating a bunch! Junk food pretty much made me want to vomit! I couldn’t even look at cake! I was drinking a lot of water which made me need to use the restroom a lot! lol. Then I took a test in my school bathroom and it came out positive! That’s not were I suggest anyone take a pregnancy test cause you cry a lot! That’s my first pregnancy, I had a miscarriage! My current pregnancy were pretty much the same signs! I actually didn’t notice because I was used to it, but my friends pointed it out to me!


            i have 6 kids n lost my 7th all my syst where basically the same sore breasts,. crammpy . tired , nes. n vomiting everyones diff though i did home tests as well as doc apts to make sure it was true


              I did a home pregnancy test when i was around my bfs house on the first day i missed my P. i dont remeber having any symptoms as such the only thing i can remeber was feeling a bit more tired than usual and my breasts feeling different and a bit ouch but other than that i didnt have morning sickness i just got a feeling i might be


                Hi. My first pregnancy I had no symptoms. The only reason I knew to take a preg test was because It was well over a month from my last p. It was so wierd cause at times i forgot that I was preg cause nothing happend. But during my second pregnancy my luck went away. I was extremely nausiated, tires, and some what emotional. I did lost that one too, but now I think I’m preg and i’m hoping it’s staying for good. 🙂 I hope this helps.

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