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      What was everyopnrs first pregnancy symptom?…Just wondering

      gina lynn

        my first symptoms were morning sickness and sore breasts


          i had a really strong craving for swiss cheese and when i ate it i got really really


            i got (an still am) .. very very tired .. i had to constantly go for naps..and my mood can change in an instant,.. one minute im soo ahppy the next im in tears.. i was nautious to .. and thats basically all the symptoms ive had


              mine was sore breast, and painful stomach


                mine was increased discharge and mood swings.


                  haha my hoo hoo was blue (cyanotic).:blink:


                    1st baby (a girl)- Spewing, went off meat, tired in the arvo…my periods were always playing up so that wasn’t a sign when i missed it

                    2nd baby (a boy)- colostrum out of breasts and just a feeling of being pregnant so i took a test to ease my mind


                      i didn’t have any symptoms…i just had this really strong feeling or though that i was preg, and i was due the next week for my period and when it didn’t come the day that it had always came i went to the store with one of my best firends after school and did the test in the bathroom….it was almost intantly positive….now i’m 30 wks with my little boy…

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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