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      well my first appointment is april 19th ill be 11 weeks then………they didnt want to see me until then because of misscarrige rates or something like that. anyway i was just wondering what on earth they are going to do……i am terrified of needles and blood work so i know thats going to kill me lol but other then that what else do they do……im not sure how far i am either that is just a guess……..i take my vitamins and eat well so dont worry about that lol just wanted to know what happened at your first appoinment……..thanks


        They take ur weight, bloodprssure, umm i think too early to measure ur belly but they can now hear the heartbeat so they might check it, you will have a routine urine and bloodwork done every so often, and sometimes to see that the hgc hormones are going up at the right rate. Goodluck and dont be scared, youre gonna be a mom!:)


          Hey, I have my first appointment the 20th ( I will be 10 weeks with my second pregnancy). If I remember right they will have you pee in a cup first. Then they will ask you alot of detailed questions about your medical history. They will take alot of blood for tests and give you a pelvic exam. I think they said I am getting an ultrasound at mine. After that your monthly visits will be easier. Just pee in a cup, doctor will measure your tummy and ask you if you have any concerns or questions and they’ll check the baby’s heartbeat. I think I only had to get bloodwork twice during my whole pregnancy after that, once was for a test and once was becase they were concerned about something. Having a little blood drawn will be worth it because you’ll also get to hopefully hear or see the heartbeat and that makes it so much more real. With my first baby, they had trouble hearing the heartbeat until he got bigger so that sucked because I was only able to see it 🙂


            Well, at my first appointment they did not take blood just yet, not even at the second one, but I am in Germany so I do not know if it is any different over there. I had to do a urine test, which I have to do everytime I go to check for diabetes or something. Then they do an internal ultrasound…it is uncomfortable but that is just what comes in the package of being pregnant! I think that is pretty much it! To tell the truth I hate taking blood to…especially when you have a nurse that pokes you the wrong way, but at least you know that all of this is going to pay off once you get to hold your baby in your arms!


              Dont be freaked out….I know you dont like needles but you will have your blood drawn…at your first appointment they usually take all your medical information and ask questions about your family’s medical history…they will probably screen you for STD’s and for AIDS.. they will measure your tummy and take your weight…and they will take a urine sample to test your hormone levels and make sure that you are right on track 🙂 your doctor will ask questions in regards to how you want to deliver to start you thinking about your birth plan…the sooner you start thinking about it and planning it the better it will be…it doesnt always go how we expect it to but it is better to prepare your mind and body….walk as much as your doctor says is fine drink lots of water and do some exercises to strengthen your legs and thighs and pelvic mucles….again check with your doctor and make sure you dont over do it 🙂 keep us all informed of how you are doing and take care….Love and Prayers…Meg


                yeah that’s why, cuz after a certian point in ur pregnancy ur miscarriage chances goes down…… lets see, they give u a pap, take blood pressure, listen for the baby’s heart beat (if they hear it they count how many beats per minute), they’ll take ur medical history and ask about the dad’s medical history (if he’s not at the appointment they ask u for what u know), they’ll talk to u about lots of stuff, and that’s all i can remember….i’m 32wks 3days so it’s been a while…


                  well i just had my 1st appt… they did blood, listened to my babys heartbeat (i got to hear it)…and they do a pap smear…I didnt really feel mine tho.

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