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      hey whats up yall well i wanted to know how you guys felt when you went to your first prenatal appointment how did you feel when they were running all thoes test and last but not least were you scared when you had to tae the HIV:( TEST any way i just took it a couple of days ago on friday and i get the results to my test on tuesday of next week im so scared do anyone know what it feels like were u scared and after the text are done do you know what happens with your nest appoinments


        Your next appt’s will be filled with paper work, tests, and the fun part- getting weighed! Smile…



          yeah I was a lil nervous about everything going on. And a lil pissed. When I had my pap done my vagina was sore for 2 days. And my stomach was pushed on so hard it hurt. Not to mention when they were doing the blood test my body decided to get a bad spell of nausea and i almost threw up on the floor. I’m a lil nervous about waiting for the results of all my tests. I hope i have nothing. But if they do find sometihing in me I know that the doctors will take care of my baby and that is really all i care about. I’m really excited too because at my second appointment in april when I am 12 weeks I get to hear the heartbeat! So Don’t worry. I’m sure that everything will be just fine for you just have faith and know that you and your baby will be very well taken care of.;) and just wait. In a few months you will have a beautiful baby to hold after all of this is over


            no i wasnt scared b/c i knew i didnt have anything..i’ve been w my fiancee for 3 yrs and havent been w anybody but him and same for him w me. the appts consist of urine sample blood pressure check weight stuff like that nothing major once in a while they draw blood and do a pap but thats about it.Good luck


              I remember what it felt like waiting for HIV test results. When I was preg with my second I made the choice to not have sex again untill I was married and the fear that ran through me wondering if I was going to end up having something life threatening or permanent!! When the results came back and I was 100% clean in every way it just gave me more strength to not have sex till marriage. I made it!!! 3 1/2 years later I got married and it feels good to know that my husband and I dont have to worry about STD’s and stuff like that because of our committment and choices we have made. I think baby appointments get better and better as you go along because the baby gets bigger and you learn so much and I love it when they do an ultrasound…you get to see your little baby and wonder what they will look like 🙂 I hope that your appointments get better and that your fears will be relieved. I also hope that you might take on the challenge of witing till your married like I did…It was so rewarding :)…..Love Meg

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