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      What do you girls think wait or find out the sex? I am still deciding 😛


        well i waited it out for my 1st born n to hear it was a girl jus gave a crazy wonderful surprise as we wer all playin the guessin game n im currently 38weeks preg wit number 2 n dont know the sex again coz i wana have that same feeling!! ill keep all my babies a surprise


          My first and last were both surprises, I knew I was having a girl the first time but did not peek…I was right, the second I knew was a boy, I peeked and was right, my last though I had no idea until the last two weeks, I did not peek and she is a girl!!! I think it is fun to not peek, I mean you will find out eventually but you can’t un-peek…LOL….enjoy whatever you choose….Love Meg


            Haha thanks girls, I think I am having a girl hmm wonder if that’s mothers intuition kicking in? Oh boy what fun. I may keep it a surprise but who knows I am still early yet so who knows how patient I will be 🙂 I guess if I do decide and they tell me that I am having a boy I will be very surprised :side:

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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