finally got to see how far along, yay

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      i went to the doctors this morning and found out that i am 5 weeks and 2 days. the experience definitely left something to be desired. we went to the cheapest place since i have no medical insurance yet ( had to confirm pregnancy first ). well the place i went to does abortions as well, so of course i had to go through the protestors, which was not fun, but my boyfriend held my hand and told them that we were ocming in for a sonogram only, they of course heckled us like crazy. i was so excited about having my boyfriend back there for the sonogram so maybe he would change his mind about abortion after seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat, but they would not let him go back, and they even offered me a discount for an abortion. i was thinking about it, but it was allmost as if i was being pressured by them to kill my baby. even after the sonogram when they handed me the picture i said wow look at that it’s my little baby and the woman actually looked me in the eye and told me that i was not too far along and still had up to 12 weeks to have the “procedure”. i was in shock and not only that but they did not even have sound on the machine so i could not hear my baby’s heart beat. whatever, i thought to myself and walked outside to meet my boyfriend. when he saw me comeout i had a smile on my face. he asked to see the picture and actually got a little red in the face before cracking and smile and letting out a giggle. i looked at him and said that it was amazing and he agreed. i actually got my hopes up a little bit, but on the way home i stared at the sonogram picture like crazy and he looked at me funny. when i asked him why he said he thought i was getting attached, i told him the truth, i am. he said that he is trying not to get attached, which is an improvement, because before this morning he wanted nothing to do with the baby, but after he saw the picture, i could tell he was in love. so now if i keep my baby i will be due on april 16, 2009. exactly 6 years and 6 days after my first was born, that’s gotta mean something right. i know at this point he will change his mind and to be sure that he does, i hung the sonogram picture on the refridgerator door at his eye level so everyday he is forced to look at his baby.


        some pregnancy resource centers offer sonogram with sound. you may consider finding one and taking him with you.


          I can’t belive that the doctors would treat you that way. And I really hope that you decide to keep your baby…and that your boyfriend warms up to the fact.


            It’s great that you got to find out how far along you are! It must have been so neat to see the picture of your baby! 🙂
            Please keep your baby even if your boyfriend doesn’t change his mind.
            Keep us updated on how everything goes! 🙂


              that was disgusting the way they pressured you.

              Do they get thrills out of doing it?

              A picture has a thousand words and it seems like it will play on his mind and hopefully he wont push you into doing something you dont want to do.
              2 days before my bday woohooo…. not that you even know me lol

              I hope it all goes well coz deep down you dnt want to go back to that dungeon.

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