fiance drug problem and im 2half months prego

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      I’m having my 1st baby and I’m 2half months prego my fiance who I love has a heroin addiction and lies a lot. Common for heroin addiction he stopped for the 1st for a week and I just found out he relapsed last night and spent his pay check on it that he needed to live on. His addiction has gotten so out of control I told him the next time he lied about anything I’m done and I was gonna live him. But I just don’t know how and really don’t want to have this baby alone. He’s working part time and he’s a good Guy with a really bad habbit but BC he spends all of the money he get on drugs it stresses me out so much BC I’m stuck with all the bills everything what souls I do be alone and I mean alone I have no close family or friends all I do is work and sleep and spend my free time with him help pregnant and sad.


        Hey there….I am SO sorry to hear of your BF’s relapse…..The most important thing you need to remember about addicts is that they are ill, it is a sickness, a disease….His relapse has NOTHING to do with how important you and baby are to him, its not that he doesn’t care, its that he is sick and he needs proper help….The BEST thing you can do for him is give him a false bottom, set a FIRM boundary….You get HELP or ____ and then follow through with it…. Here is a link to some treatment centers in the United States, , Also you can view some episodes of one of my favorite shows Intervention and see how it works….It does work when done correctly, you have to be willing to follow through on your bottom line though and I am SURE he loves you and this little baby, he just needs help, Don’t enable him to stay sick, He gets help, or you AND baby are GONE…PERIOD….No giving in….Please keep in touch and let me know if he gets help and if you need help finding local resources…Love Meg,



          I am so sorry that you are going through this!! My brother lived through a very similar situation, except he was the addict! My now sister-in-law was very firm with him and explained if he loves her like his says and wants to be a father to this baby that he created, then he needs to get help NOW! Or else she would walk away and he would not be in the babies life! It worked! He was a good guy, but with a terrible habit! So he got treatment before my nephew was born and even during the first 3 weeks after he was born, my brother had to stay in a monitored group home at night where he was drug tested everyday.

          Well, my nephew is now 7 and my brother has been clean and sober for 7 years!He says his son is his daily reminder of why he would never go back to using! They got married a month after the baby was born and they are now trying for their second child!

          I know it is hard to make ultimatums for those that we love, but many times it is the only way for them to see they need help and this is the bottom of the line!

          I hope you are able to work this out. Keep us posted! Luv- Dawn

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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