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      If I were to share the most important thing about my experiences with abortion it would be its lasting effects on the surviving victims. Regardless of the age of the young woman, married or not, the life of that woman will never be the same as we are led to believe by those who are in support of abortion, and the ones performing and assisting in abortions.

      Are we not told in life that driving under the influence of alcohol can be fatal to ourselves, the passengers in the car with us and those other unsuspecting drivers on the road? Is that not illegal and aren’t we jailed and sent to court for it? Don’t we receive counseling and therapy if we are drinking while pregnant and told the terrible effects of alcohol on our unborn fetus? If a mother continues to drink while pregnant and delivers a baby who has fetal alcohol syndrome, or goes through withdrawal at birth, isn’t she looked upon as an irresponsible and incapable mother who has put her baby in danger? Social Services are no doubt involved and the baby’s progress is monitored….all because of what the mother chose to do while pregnant. As of May 14, 2009, Supermarkets must display pregnant women alcohol warning posters. These posters are to warn women not to drink alcohol while pregnant and to inform them of the health risks surrounding alcohol use.

      Are we not warned as pregnant mothers to avoid inhaling certain chemicals, paints and pollutants so as not to affect the early development of our unborn fetus since those fumes may cause birth defects, retardation or even death?
      Smoking while pregnant even gets it’s own headlines in the news as being a danger to our baby that is so fragile inside our womb.


        This is incredibly touching and heartwarming. You should send this into the president or some influential leader. I think if we all stand up against abortion, it can and will be made illegal again, as it should be. It is such a contradictory topic for those who support it, but not murder or dangerous actions during pregnancy.

        BUT I encourage you to include this in your statement: Roe v. Wade was the court case in which abortion was made legal. Roe(a psuedonym) is now speaking out against abortions after having had one herself. I think that is an important fact in the pro-life v. pro-choice debate.


          This post made me cry – I think it is a really good thing. I had no idea I was going to feel this bad after my decision 4 years ago to have an abortion. If I had seen this notice up in clinics, I would have thought twice!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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